Sannah Mchunu

‘Gomora’ viewers are wondering if Zodwa is using a script for her drunk episodes. Image via Instagram @sanamchunu7

‘She needs no script’: ‘Gomora’ viewers react to Zodwa’s drunk episodes

‘Gomora’ viewers are applauding award-winning actress – Sannah Mchunu for her drunk portrayal as Zodwa in the telenovela.

Sannah Mchunu

‘Gomora’ viewers are wondering if Zodwa is using a script for her drunk episodes. Image via Instagram @sanamchunu7

Gomora viewers are wondering if Sannah Mchunu who plays the role of Zodwa is using a script for her drunk performances.   

Zodwa has once more turned to alcohol and relapsed after two years of being sober.  

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Talented actress Sannah Mchunuhas become the talk of #GomoraMzansi for her portrayal of drunkard Zodwa in Gomora.   

Zodwa has turned to alcohol as an escape from her reality and as a way to find comfort.  

She recently lost her soulmate and father of her kids – Don played by Israel Matseke-Zulu.   

She also found out that her step-daughter – Sbongile (Nandipha Khunoe) secretly buried him without anyone’s knowledge.   

Zodwa is also struggling to process the fact that she is the one who pulled the trigger and killed Don whom she loved and hated at the same time.   

She seemed to have everything together for a while, but lately, she has found herself swimming at the bottom of a bottle.  


Zodwa was having sleepless nights and believed that Don was haunting her but was later informed that Sibongile is the one tricking her.  

Viewers saw her spending New Year’s Eve at MamSonto’s house where she started drinking.   

It took one glass for Zodwa to lose control, lose her children and lose her boyfriend, Bongani.   

The Dlamini’s have now taken Teddy and Sibongile in, to rescue them from her as she can barely put food on the table.  

Gomora viewers can’t get enough of Mchunu’s brilliant portrayal and how authentic she’s been since season one.   

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“Let’s all give a round of likes and retweets.. to recognize this woman.”


“She’s doing a stellar job and she truly deserves an Oscar.” 


“No woman plays a drunkard like Zodwa… Give the lady her award already.” 


“For sure kumnandini on set. Kuhlezi kuhlekwa ngoba the queen of improvisation is always on point maan!”

“Zodwa needs no script. I’m sure bayeka k’dala ukum’bhalela.” 

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