Sibongile, Nandipha Khunoe

 ‘I broke down’: ‘Gomora’s’ Nandipha Khubone struggles with Sibongile role. Image via Twitter @Joy_Zelda

‘Scripts are in English’: ‘Gomora’s’ Nandipha Khonoe discusses life on set

Actress, Nandipha Khunoe, who plays the role of Sibongile on ‘Gomora’ opens up about her role and her hopes for the future etc.

Sibongile, Nandipha Khunoe

 ‘I broke down’: ‘Gomora’s’ Nandipha Khubone struggles with Sibongile role. Image via Twitter @Joy_Zelda

Rising star, Nandipha Khunoe, who plays the role of Sibongile, on Gomora opens up about her role, working with veterans and life on set.   

The 21-year-old actress revealed in an interview with Drum Magazine that she’s grateful to have gotten her big break during COVID-19.


Khunoe, who plays Sibongile, on the telenovela tells the publication that her on-screen family has helped her to learn one of the most important skills as an actor: listening.  

Her character recently buried her father, Don, played by the legendary Israel Matseke-Zulu on the show.   

She is an orphan who now lives with her stepmother, Zodwa, played by Sannah Mchunu, and her half-brother, Teddy, played by Sicelo Buthelezi.   

“They are absolutely amazing. I learn so much from them.”

“I think one of the biggest lessons I have learned from them is to listen.”  

The Durbanite also states that all the scripts are in English, and actors interpret them according to their character.   

“What a lot of people do not know is that scripts are in English and so each person needs to interpret that script the way their character would.”

“I often prepare for my lines and when I get together with them, they improvise and put in impromptu things that are not necessarily in the script.”

“That means you have to listen and pay attention. I truly appreciate the lesson. It has been such a great learning curve.”   

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The young actress graduated from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles and says she was worried about landing a role once she returned home.  

Khunoe has put her efforts into becoming a successful actress and achieved the dream in just a few months thanks to hard work, and her family’s support.

She was home for two months before she auditioned for Gomora and sent producers the same self-tape she’d sent to Blood and Water.

The 21-year-old sent an audition tape of herself portraying a mean girl to both shows.

The actress admits that she still gets star-struck and is amazed at the people that she gets to work with on Gomora.

“Like, randomly, seeing bhut’ Zolisa on set or being able to casually say ‘hi sis Thembi’ or ‘hi sis Kat’.”

“They are the legendary actors I grew up seeing on TV!”  

She adds that it’s lovely to have a group of her peers that she’s learning the ropes with as they’ve formed great friendships on the show.

Khunoe hopes to continue playing her role well enough to secure other auditions and roles so that Mzansi can see her range as an actress.