‘Suicide attempt, fake baby’: ‘Scandal!’ fans worry Jojo is onto Mbali. Image via Twitter @etvScandal

‘Suicide attempt, fake baby’: ‘Scandal!’ fans worry Jojo is onto Mbali

‘Scandal!’: Will Mbali’s suicide attempt finally reveal her sister Winnie is pregnant with her husband Jojo’s baby?


‘Suicide attempt, fake baby’: ‘Scandal!’ fans worry Jojo is onto Mbali. Image via Twitter @etvScandal

Scandal! viewers fear Mbali’s (Nolwazi Ngubeni’s) suicide attempt will reveal her fake pregnancy and Jojo (Melusi Mbele) will learn that his sister-in-law Winnie is the one who’s carrying his baby.

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E.tv Scandal’s! popular character Mbali has been lying to her husband Jojo from the moment they got married, from lying about her background to her miscarriages and her pregnancy.   

Jojo recently learned that she’s not as wealthy as she pretended to be but he’s yet to learn that she’s been faking her pregnancy and asked her sister to sleep with him while he was drunk so that she can fall pregnant  

Fans are now worried that her recent suicide attempt might expose the liar she is as her aunt contacted Jojo after she found her.   

Jojo is now worried about his baby and is wondering why she would endanger his baby’s life by attempting to kill herself with pills.   

Audiences are also nervous that her uncle will finally learn that her sister Winnie (Fundiswa Ngcobo) is carrying Mbali’s baby and that Jojo will do some digging and pressure her to visit the doctor together to find out if his baby is okay.

The TVSA August teasers reveal that Mbali will continue to lie to Jojo once she’s released from the hospital and that her sister Winnie will run away while pregnant with her baby.   

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“Award for the best liar in Southern Africa goes to Mbali.”  


“How long did Mbali think she would lead Jojo astray with all her deception and lies? The truth always comes out nomakanjani.”  


“That was a bad move considering the fact that Jojo will be concerned about the baby more if she ends up in hospital.”  


“She just made the situation worse, Jojo is going to find out that she wasn’t pregnant.”  


“So now we’re no longer gonna see Jakes Hlatswayo acting as a Rich guy? I really liked that character.” 

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