Fanie in 'Skeem Saam', Shawn in '7de Laan', Quinton in 'Scandal!' to Don in 'Gomora'.

Fanie in ‘Skeem Saam’, Shawn in ‘7de Laan’, Quinton in ‘Scandal!’ to Don in ‘Gomora’. Images via Twitter @etvScandal, @SkeemSaam3, @GomoraMzansi and @Real7deLaan

‘Scandal!’, ‘Skeem Saam’, ‘Gomora’, ‘7de Laan’ characters we lost in 2021

We take a look at characters that got killed from Fanie in ‘Skeem Saam’, Shawn in ‘7de Laan’, Quinton in ‘Scandal!’ to Don in ‘Gomora’.

Fanie in 'Skeem Saam', Shawn in '7de Laan', Quinton in 'Scandal!' to Don in 'Gomora'.

Fanie in ‘Skeem Saam’, Shawn in ‘7de Laan’, Quinton in ‘Scandal!’ to Don in ‘Gomora’. Images via Twitter @etvScandal, @SkeemSaam3, @GomoraMzansi and @Real7deLaan

We take a look at fans’ favourite characters such as Fanie from Skeem Saam, Quinton from Scandal!, Don from Gomora, and Shawn from 7de Laan that got killed in 2021.  


Fans were devastated when the show killed Fanie from Skeem Saam, Quinton from Scandal!, Shawn from 7de Laan, and Don from Gomora.   

Israel Matseke-Zulu’s character Don got killed on Thursday, 18 November by his on-screen baby mama, Zodwa (Sannah Mchunu).  

The actor revealed in several interviews that his departure from Gomora was planned.  

He said he could no longer be part of the show because he had gangrene which made his legs immobile.   

Matseke-Zulu recently had a leg operation and had his right leg amputated as a result of the illness. 

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‘SCANDAL!’ VIEWERS MOURN QUINTON’s soapie Scandal! brought in a new family, the Kubekas who ended Quinton Nyathi’s life.   

The youngest Kubeka (Zenzele) crashed a waste management truck into the Nyathi Family Holdings (NFH) building which killed Quinton Nyathi.  

Actor Brighton Ngoma who played the role of Quinton Nyathi for 12 years bid farewell to Scandal!.  

The actor confirmed his exit this afternoon (3 September) in an interview with TshisaLIVE.

“Having played the character for so long, it was only a matter of time before the journey came to its natural end.”  

“Death is sometimes the beginning of new, greater things.”

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‘7de Laan’s’ Shawn Basson got hit in the head by a champagne cork that Rickus popped open and died.   

Rickus did not see the cork hit Shawn and assumes he had just passed out from shock as a result of the news.  

He called his name multiple times and told him to “get up”, and realised that he was dead.   

Rickus’ parents buried Shawn and Shawn’s father, DeWet dug up his body and is trying to find out who killed him.  

 A clip of Shawn’s apparent departure from the show was released on social media… but 7de Laan fans refuse to fall for it.  

In the clip, Shawn is telling his story and bidding farewell to his fans and his beloved Emile.

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Fanie Maseremule got killed from Skeem Saam because he was a threat to Lehasa Maphosa and was the only character that could destroy him.

Gift Mokhampanyane’s sudden exit infuriated fans because viewers couldn’t get enough of his character.  

Fanie discovered Lehasa Maphosa’s (Cedric Fourie) darkest family secret and convinced Lehasa to give him shares at Café Rovuwa.  

Lehasa knew the only way to get Fanie off his back was to permanently get rid of him.  

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