Lindiwe and Nhlamulo

‘Scandal!’ fans react to Lindiwe and Nhlamulo cheating scandals. Image via Twitter @etvScandal

‘She belongs to the streets’: ‘Scandal!’ fans react to Lindiwe’s cheating

‘Scandal!’ fans are devastated that their favourite couple – Lindiwe and Nhlamulo is falling apart after being married for less than a year.

Lindiwe and Nhlamulo

‘Scandal!’ fans react to Lindiwe and Nhlamulo cheating scandals. Image via Twitter @etvScandal

Viewers of’s most-watched soapie – Scandal! are frustrated with Lindiwe and Nhlamulo’s cheating storylines.  

Nhlamulo (Mathews Rantsoma) cheated on Lindiwe with his baby mama and Lindiwe cheated on him with Mdala.  

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Scandal! viewers feel that Lindiwe and Nhlamulo’s marriage was doomed from the beginning.  

  • Though some fans are shocked at the fact that they’ve both cheated on each other within a year of being married to each other, some were expecting it.   
  • Fans of the soapie said the cheating scandals are just the beginning of the end of their marriage.   
  • Nhlamulo killed Lindiwe’s father and she hid the truth from her family … karma is dealing with them.  
  • Lindiwe’s father – Mlungisi Ngema disapproved of her getting marrying him because he thought that she deserved better than him.  
  • She cheated with Mdala who is Nhlamulo’s boss because she’s always been weak.  
  • Lindiwe (Nomvelo Makhanya) has always loved money more than anything and anyone.  
  • She married Nhlamulo when he was rich and has now fallen for his boss because he has more money than her husband.   

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#etvScandal forgives Nhlamulo for cheating on Lindiwe with his baby mama because he had unresolved feelings they’d hoped that she’d be stronger and do better than Nhlamulo.  

#TeamNhLindi has lost all hope of them reuniting and having a healthy marriage because they’re destroying each other and no longer care about each other.  

Nhlamulo also allows his baby mama to walk all over him and his wife and hasn’t set boundaries for her.

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“If nhlamulo forgives lindiwe, after all, this I will know uyabhayiza…”

“I want lindiwe to go through the most and come back begging for forgiveness from unHlamulo and he must ask for divorce”

“This should humble her forever.”  


“That part of me is strong too, man’s went and changed his old ways for her, was ready to do everything by the book just to make her happy. “

“She needed to take stock before things got out of hand, but she’s always been a rebel so… ‘Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’.” 


“When it comes to money… Lindiwe is gullible.”

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