Lehasa, Pretty and Khwezi

‘Skeem Saam’ viewers are comparing Lehasa’s girlfriends, Nothile, Khwezi and Pretty. Image via Twitter @SimplyWandi

‘Same script’: ‘Skeem Saam’ fans compare Khwezi and Nothile to Pretty

Viewers of the soapie, ‘Skeem Saam’ have stated that Lehasa was better off with Pretty than Nothile and Khwezi.

Lehasa, Pretty and Khwezi

‘Skeem Saam’ viewers are comparing Lehasa’s girlfriends, Nothile, Khwezi and Pretty. Image via Twitter @SimplyWandi

Viewers of Skeem Saam are unhappy with Lehasa’s current relationship with Khwezi and have stated that he was better off with Nothile or Pretty.   

His relationship with Khwezi is moving too fast and isn’t as realistic as his previous relationships.  


Fans of the long-running soapie predict that Lehasa has finally met his match (Khwezi) unlike his previous partners Pretty and Nothile.   

They’re also comparing Khwezi to Lehasa’s previous girlfriend, Lelo Mthiyane (Amanda du Pont) who was as manipulative as he was.   

#SkeemSaam on Twitter is not quite sure why Khwezi (Samukele Mkhize) is dating Lehasa.   

Khwezi unlike Pretty and Nothile seems more obsessed with the Mavimbelas than Lehasa.   

She wants to get back at Nothile’s father for breaking her heart and is using Lehasa.   

Khwezi seems eager for Nothile to see that she stole her boyfriend from him.  

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Lehasa has been using the women in his life since forever, from Sonti, Lelo, Pretty, Nothile, now Khwezi.   

Fans predict that he is only dating Khwezi to get back at Nothile for refusing to have a baby with him.   

He is also furious that Nothile’s family doesn’t approve of their relationship.   

Lehasa wants to teach Nothile’s father a lesson by dating his mistress (Khwezi) and wants to punish Nothile.  

Fans also predict that Lehasa (Cedric Fourie) is still in love with Nothile but isn’t ready to admit it yet.  

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Viewers have stated that Pretty was Lehasa’s greatest loss because she was innocent and real.  

Pretty (Lerato Marabe) never played games or had any ulterior motives like Khwezi or Nothile.   

She is from a small town and wanted a happily-ever-after with Lehasa who was using her.   

Fans are still hoping for their fan-favourite couple #Prehasa to reunite in 2022.    


Actress Mbali Mavimbela, who plays the role of Nothile on the educational soapie has taken a break from the soapie.   

It appears Mavimbela’s character Nothile is replaced with Khwezi as the actress is busy shooting Showmax’s The Wife.   

The actress plays the role of Hlomu, the wife in the popular telenovela.   

It is unclear when she will reprise her role on the SABC 1 educational soapie.

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