‘Muvhango’ April Spoilers: Gugu’s doppelganger steals her life. Image via Twitter @MuvhangoSA and Instagram @bukamina_fanele

‘Muvhango’ April Spoilers: Gugu’s doppelganger steals her life

‘Muvhango’: Gugu’s identical sister Nomasonto will kidnap her and hijack her life in April. She will also move to Thate to be with Azwindini.


‘Muvhango’ April Spoilers: Gugu’s doppelganger steals her life. Image via Twitter @MuvhangoSA and Instagram @bukamina_fanele

Muvhango’s Gugu is about to find out that she’s got a sister named Nomasonto but Gugu won’t believe her.  

The April TVSA teasers reveal that Nomasonto is going to believe that she deserves Gugu’s life and that she’ll pretend to be Gugu.  

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It appears that Muvhango’s Gugu has a doppelganger that she never knew about. She’s going to get kidnapped by her sister Nomasonto who is going to move to Thate with her boyfriend – Azwindini (Gabriel Temudzani) and live her life.  

It is unclear from the March and April TVSA teasers how long Nomasonto is going to hijack her life and get away with it.   

Nomasonto won’t get away with kidnapping Gugu (Bukamina Cebekhulu) because she doesn’t know about her previous relationship with Azwindini’s son – Vutshilo.   People will notice that there’s a screw loose especially when she has to step into Gugu’s shoes as CEO at MMC.  

She also has to play a motherly role to Gugu’s daughter – Minenhle and play a sister role to Imani.   

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The show introduced a new character called Rosemary – who will be portrayed by Imbewu: The Seed actress Gugulethu Mzobe.  

Though the teasers don’t reveal the relationship between Gugu and Rosemary, they reveal that Nomasonto and Rosemary will conspire to bring Gugu down.   

Mzobe currently plays the role of Nomsa in the popular telenovela.   

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“And Gugu wants to build her house out of other woman’s misery, I wonder if she will have a heart like Susan’s.”  


“This love is too good to be true …it will end I’m tears.”   


Muvhango has run out of ideas, to be honest.”  


“It’s like someone wakes up and guesses what to write, there’s no proper storyline.”

“One moment Rendani is suspended for stealing, the next thing Tshireletso is in jail and Rendani is still home so we don’t know if he confessed or what.”

“Then Kgosi gets kidnapped now Azwi and Gugu aghh.”

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