Pretty’s pregnancy, Kwaito’s D

Pretty’s pregnancy, Kwaito’s DNA: ‘Skeem Saam’s’ viral storylines in 2021

Viral storylines in ‘Skeem Saam’ this year include, Leeto and Kwaito’s relationship with John, Pretty and Lehasa’s baby and more.

Pretty’s pregnancy, Kwaito’s D

Viewers of Skeem Saam want a repeat of the following storylines: Pretty’s pregnancy and her relationship with Lehasa, Kwaito and John’s DNA results, Mantuli getting shot by Meikie, Leeto finding out John is not his father, Clement coming out as gay, and Tbose taking a break from the show.  

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Skeem Saam viewers were obsessed with Pretty and Lehasa’s love story, Kwaito and John’s DNA storyline, and many more storylines this year.   

Fans were devastated when Pretty (Lerato Marabe) terminated her pregnancy because they wanted her to stay in a relationship with Lehasa.   

The storyline trended for months on end and viewers were unhappy when Lehasa eventually moved on with Nothile (Mbali Mavimbela).   

Lehasa is currently cheating on Nothile with Kwezi and Pretty is single after her breakup with Kat and Lehasa (Cedric Fourie).   

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Another shocking storyline this year was when we found out that John (Africa Tsoia) is Kwaito’s father through the DNA results.   

It turns out that John cheated on Meikie with her best friend Mantuli and they conceived Kwaito (Clement Maosa).   

This storyline sent shockwaves to Mzansi because Meikie ended up in prison for attempting to kill both Mantuli and Kwaito.   

Best friends Kwaito and Tbose are now brothers and Tbose (Cornet Mamabolo) has taken a break from the show.  

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Another great twist by Skeem Saam writers was when we found out that Leeto is not John’s biological son.   

This storyline made so much sense because Leeto doesn’t look like the rest of the Maputlas, just like Kwaito doesn’t look like the rest of the Maputlas.   

Leeto was devastated when his aunt Joyce (Joyce Ledwaba) informed him that he’s not a Maputla.   

This storyline is still hanging as his neither John nor Meikie told him who his biological father is.   

Viewers predicted that Marothi Maputhuma (Max Papo) is Leeto’s father. 

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