Nimrod Nkosi/Papa

Nimrod Nkosi joins ‘The Estate’ as a sex pest pastor Papa Moses Zwane. Image via Twitter @Karabo_Mokgoko

Nimrod Nkosi joins ‘The Estate’ as a sex pest pastor Papa Moses Zwane

‘The Queen’ and ‘Generations’ actor Nimrod Nkosi plays the role of a pervert named Papa Moses on SABC3’s ‘The Estate’.

Nimrod Nkosi/Papa

Nimrod Nkosi joins ‘The Estate’ as a sex pest pastor Papa Moses Zwane. Image via Twitter @Karabo_Mokgoko

Actor Nimrod Nkosi who acts in The Queen and Generations: The Legacy has joined the cast of SABC 3’s telenovela The Estate as Papa Moses Zwane.  

Viewers of the telenovela met his character on Monday (17 January).  

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The Queen and Generations: The Legacy actor Nimrod Nkosi has scored a role as Papa Moses Zwane in SABC3’s telenovela – The Estate.   

Moses is a leader, founder, and pastor at Lighthouse of the Blessed Redeemers Church.  

His character is a sex pest pastor Papa Moses Zwane who is known by his followers as Papa M.   

He arrived with his right-hand lady, Precious, who organises girls for him.  

According to Sowetan, Nkosi’s character is a pervert who pretends to be an anointed man of God.  

“He does all this under the pretence that he can speak to God and can ask Him to bless them.”

“He installed this mentality that through him everything is possible while using the children for sexual pleasure.”

“Precious, his right-hand lady, was abused by Papa M at a young age and now she has grown and now facilitates the women for him.”  

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The media personality believes that the Papa Moses storyline will open the public’s minds.  

It deals with an issue that has become a pandemic all over the country and has been under investigation by authorities.  

His character is an abusive pastor who takes advantage of the vulnerable, rejected, and dejected, especially the young girls.  

““He takes advantage of children who come from broken families. Papa M is charming, charismatic, and handsome and when he talks, people sit up and listen.”  

Nkosi adds that the abuse of women is prevalent in the church environment … whether pastors decide to look away or acknowledge it.   

“The storyline seeks to show that there are spiritual leaders who take advantage of both boys and girls and parents need to be aware.” 

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The former Jam Alley TV personality also has recurring roles in Generations: The Legacy as Nkaba, a corrupt politician, and The Queen as Dlamini, a drug dealer.  

Nimrod Nkosi is also currently shooting the second season of Amabishop on Moja Love.  

The actor told the publication that he’s excited to have landed a role when others have not been fortunate.  

“I am excited to have landed the role as much as I don’t know how long it will last.”

“I’m grateful for the opportunity because there are people who have been going to auditions without getting a role.”  

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