‘Muvhango’ actress Suzan Ravuku as Thifhelimbilu. Image via Instagram @muvhangosa

‘Muvhango’: Thieves break into actress’ home because of storylines

‘Muvhango’ actress Suzan Ravuku says she was robbed because her character Thifhelimbilu recently became rich.


‘Muvhango’ actress Suzan Ravuku as Thifhelimbilu. Image via Instagram @muvhangosa

Popular actress Suzan Ravuku, who plays Thifhelimbilu in the SABC2 soapie Muvhango is constantly looking over her shoulder especially in public as people are mistreating her based on her character’s new storyline.   

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The actress Suzan Ravuku’s character Thifhelimbilu in Muvhango recently received a lot of money for her tender and was robbed by fans of the show who believe she’s rich.  

Ravuku tells Drum Magazine:  

“People think I have money and they harass me in public.  I didn’t think it was a problem at first, I thought it was a way of starting a conversation with me. But it later turned into abuse and I use public transport and now I’ve experienced something that I never thought it would happen. People became so curious about my riches that they invaded my home and broken into my house to steal my belongings.”  

She also tells the publication when she pays, people do not give her change and use the things that are happening in the soapie storyline to keep her change and tip themselves because she is a “tender-preneur”.   

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Ravuku also believes thieves broke into her house hoping they will find money because of her character in Muvhango.  

“It was on a Saturday in August I went to church to do décor, I have a part-time job doing events décor. When I came back home, I found that they broke into my house and they stolen everything in every room, and at that time I had just bought a TV for my kid, and they took it. They use my own things to put in my stuff like the clothes, they cleaned my house and I was left with nothing. I think they broke into my house thinking that they will find money because after that the struggle continued.”  

The actress adds that everyone in her community knows her house was broken into and she’s now mocked by people.   

“They’re asking me why am I not buying furniture because I have tender money. This makes me feel unsafe and watched but it also made me realise that some people are not educated when it comes to acting and storytelling, they think that we are living out our character. And this is not the first time. Even when I stole the Chief’s child in the soapie, I was harassed in the street and they demanded that I give back the child, and some would say it jokingly but some were ready to fight for the Chief’s child,” she says.    

She also tells Drum that she couldn’t sleep in her house for two weeks because she was scared.  

“I thought they would come back because they didn’t find me the first, so they will come back for me and the money that they are looking for.” 

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