Chief Azwindini back Muvhango

Gabriel Temudzani. image via Twitter @PhilMphela

Chief Azwindini Gandamipfa Mukwevho, Gabriel Temudzani bids farewell to Muvhango

After 23 years on Muvhango, Gabriel Temudzani, who plays Chief Azwindini Mukwevho, finally bids farewell to the show.

Chief Azwindini back Muvhango

Gabriel Temudzani. image via Twitter @PhilMphela

It’s a sad morning for many Muvhango fans as Chief Azwindini Gandamipfa Mukwevho ‘Gabriel Temudzani bids farewell.

It’s been over 23 years since Gabriel joined Muvhango as an upcoming actor who lived up to the expectations.

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Over the years, he established himself as one of the most valued actors of Muvhango alongside veterans like Dingaan Khumalo.

Many fans had fallen in love with him, and hearing such news was nothing good.

Surely, Muvhango will always be the same again with the controversial Chief Azwindini Gandamipfa Mukweko.


Gabriel shared the bad news’ on her Instagram stories, which went viral on social media platforms.

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During his days with Muvhango, Azwindini started as a Prince before he became a Chief.

He made a controversial decision when he married a commoner out of love despising the norm of matching to a notable family.

All this brought so much attention to him as a young Prince, but he was only starting.

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He went on to fall in love with a second woman whom she married, causing more and more controversies.

After that, Chief Azwindini also dated his second wife’s sister, and it was all drama, but fans loved him.

Sharing on his Instagram, Gabriel said:

“l had a great time potraying this heroic character, thanks for the opportunity @muvhango @sabc2, your platform is much appreciated. Soapiesbestscenes thanks for your support over the years, Nndaa”


After the news reached fans on social media, many fans could not believe it.

It was a well-planned exit that nobody could have imagined or thought about.

Most fans agreed that the fact that Gabriel Temudzani, ‘Chief Azwindini Gandamipfa Mukwevho’, has left the show means Muvhango is no more.

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This only showed how much of a character he was on the show, arguably the best and most loved of all actors.

Some fans only expressed their disappointment as they wished him good wherever he went.

All the fans are saddened by the news that Chief Ezwindini Gandamipfa Mukwevho ‘Gabriel Temudzani’ bids farewell to Muvhango.