Mpho and Tenda

Tenda and Mpho will find out that Moipone kidnapped their baby. Image via Twitter @MuvhangoSA

‘Muvhango’ viewers are demanding for Mpho and Tenda to find their baby

‘Muvhango’ viewers are demanding for Tenda and Mpho to find out that Imani and James have their baby and are adopting their baby.

Mpho and Tenda

Tenda and Mpho will find out that Moipone kidnapped their baby. Image via Twitter @MuvhangoSA

Muvhango viewers are demanding for Mpho and Tenda to find out that James and Imani have their baby.   

Viewers are also furious with the writers for dragging their baby storyline and want it to end.   

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Muvhango viewers are wondering when Mpho and Tenda will out that Imani and James are about to adopt their baby.  

They’re wondering how Mpho (Azwimmbavhi Rambuda) hasn’t been able to find her baby when she’s a Maine.  

The pair lost their baby six months ago at the hospital after Mpho gave birth.   

It turned out James Motsamai’s mother, Moipone kidnapped their baby at the hospital.  

She kidnapped him with Mantwa and renamed their baby ‘Kenosi’.  

Moipone knows that Tenda killed his nephew, Hulisani, and knows that he attacked her to keep her quiet.  

She wanted him to pay for attacking her and thought that he doesn’t deserve to be a father.  


James and his new wife, Imani (Zonke Mchunu) have no idea that they’re about to adopt Mpho and Tenda’s baby.   

This is because James’ mother has not informed him that she kidnapped their baby and why she did it.   

Moipone is pretending to have amnesia about what Tenda did because she doesn’t want to get killed.  

Imani will be devastated when she learns that baby Kenosi is Mpho’s baby because she’s gotten attached to him.

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James (Dingaan Mokebe) and Tenda were enemies before Tenda joined MMC Construction as the new CEO.  

Tenda (Nathaniel Ramabulana) will not believe James when he learns the truth because the pair have a terrible history.  

He will declare war against James and Imani and the pair will get arrested when the truth comes out.   

Moipone’s life will be in danger again when Tenda learns the truth because he will realise that she was lying all along

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