Dee from 'Muvhango'

‘Muvhango’ actress Phandelani Mulaudzi as Dee. Image via Twitter @MuvhagoSA

‘Muvhango’ Review: Who kidnapped Mpho and Tenda’s newborn baby?

Would Dee benefit from Mpho and Tenda’s pain? Did she feel betrayed to a point where she would steal their baby?

Dee from 'Muvhango'

‘Muvhango’ actress Phandelani Mulaudzi as Dee. Image via Twitter @MuvhagoSA

Tenda (Nathaniel Ramabulana) made a lot of enemies when he was working as a mayor in Thate and he also made enemies in his relationships. He broke his baby mama’s (Dee) heart when he slept with her best friend Mpho (Azwimmbavhi Rambuda) and impregnated her.


Dee (Pandelani Mulaudzi) still had feelings for him when they broke up. Is she still in love with him?

  • She ruined his relationship with his former fiancé because she didn’t want him to be with anyone else;
  • Dee never imagined Mpho would sleep with Tenda because she was married to Azwindini (Gabriel Tendamudzi);
  • She thought that Mpho was happily married to Azwindini and was shocked when Mpho told her she’s leaving her husband for Tenda.

Their baby was kidnapped by a mysterious woman at the hospital.

  • Dee might have paid off the mysterious woman to kidnap their baby because she doesn’t want them to be happy;
  • She can get crazy when things don’t go her way, remember when Tenda forbade her from coming to his house because she destroyed his furniture?;
  • She will do anything to get Tenda back and she desperately wants them to be a family;
  • The only threat standing in the way of her happiness is Tenda and Mpho’s newborn baby.


Mpho’s ex-husband Azwindini doesn’t play dirty even though he’s also benefiting from their pain.

  • Tenda might have broken up Azwindini and Mpho’s marriage out of spite because he impregnated his first wife but he loves Mpho;
  • Azwindini wouldn’t have arranged for the baby to be kidnapped because he knows that she was struggling to conceive for a long time and wanted a baby;
  • He still loves her even though she’s engaged to Tenda and he’s married to Susan.

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