Mpho and Tenda

Tenda and Mpho will find out that Moipone kidnapped their baby. Image via Twitter @MuvhangoSA

‘Muvhango’ Spoilers: Tenda is jailed, Gugu is raped & Moipoine confesses

‘Muvhango’s’ baby storyline between Mpho, Tenda and Moipone is coming to an end this January. Gugu will also accuse Vutshilo of rape..

Mpho and Tenda

Tenda and Mpho will find out that Moipone kidnapped their baby. Image via Twitter @MuvhangoSA

Muvhango’s Tenda will get jailed for killing his nephew, Gugu will accuse Vutshilo of raping her and Moipone will finally confess to kidnapping baby Kenosi.  

Viewers will be elated with the upcoming storylines this January as all the secrets will be spilled.


Muvhango’s Vutshilo will get accused of rape by Gugu (Bhekamina Cebekhulu), Tenda will get jailed and Moipone will confess all her sins.   

  • Vutshilo caught his father, Azwindini’s, and his girlfriend, Gugu being intimate last night (3 January).  
  • The trios love triangle will finally come to end this month after last night’s episode.  
  • Gugu and Azwindini fell in love when they were trapped in the tunnel and developed feelings for each other.  
  • She told Azwindini that she’s only dating his son because he doesn’t want to divorce his wife for her.
  • Gugu wants to be Azwi’s only wife and Vutshilo (Wavhudi Lidzhegu) had no idea that he is being used.   
  • Last night’s drama ended with Vutshilo buying a gun after he caught them in bed together.   

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Tenda will finally pay for killing his nephew, Hulisani according to the TVSA January teasers.  

  • Viewers of the Venda soapie will be thrilled to see him finally getting punished for his sins as he’s gotten away with too many murders.   
  • Mpho (Azwimmbavhi Rambuda) will not be able to tolerate him because her reputation is at stake.
  • She has a gift as a Maine and won’t be able to practice if they find out she’s married to a murderer.    
  • The teasers also stated that James (Dingaan Mokebe) will kidnap him when he gets released from jail.   

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Will Tenda and Mpho be as forgiving when they learn that Moipone (Mabatho Mogomotsi) kidnapped their baby at the hospital?   

Will they be forgiving when they learn that the baby they adopted is their biological baby?  

We know that James will do anything for his mother and that he can keep her secret, but will his wife, Imani?

Imani and James wanted to adopt baby Kenosi before Tenda and Mpho. 

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