Historic: ‘Muvhango’ actors. Image via Twitter @MuvhangoSA

‘Muvhango’ February Spoilers: Susan loses her job and Azwindini

Susan will lose her job and her husband Azwindini to Gugu and James and Imani will get arrested for the kidnapping of baby Kenosi.


Historic: ‘Muvhango’ actors. Image via Twitter @MuvhangoSA

Muvhango fans will be devastated to know that Susan is going to lose everything and everyone she loves to Gugu, from her job as a nurse to her husband Azwindini in February.   

The TVSA February teasers suggest that Gugu will expose her secret about bewitching Azwindini.   


Muvhango’s Susan’s family will learn that she bewitched Azwindini to keep him from Gugu and she will also lose her job as a nurse.   

This is terrible news for #TeamSusan as she’s always been a faithful wife to Azwindini and has never done anything dodgy before.   

Susan and Azwindini (Gabriel Temudzani) have been married for 20-years and she’s stood by him through everything.   

She was scared to lose him and bewitched him so that he can get turned off by Gugu.   

Gugu wants Azwindini to divorce Susan so that she can be his only wife but Susan couldn’t accept it. the truth about how she managed to change.  

TVSA Tuesday 15 February teaser read:  

“Susan’s big secret is revealed to the royal house in her presence.”  

The Thursday 24 February teaser reads:  

“Susan is fired from work.”  

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Azwindini’s family doesn’t support his relationship with Gugu (Bukamina Cebekhulu) because she used to date his son – Vutshilo.   

Everyone is against them being together but will they still be in support of Susan when they find out that she bewitched Azwindini?  

The TVSA teasers also state that Azwindini’s mother – VhoMasindi will not be happy with him building a house for her out of guilt.   

This is before they find out that Susan (Maumela Mahuma) was bewitching their Azwindini and controlling him to get him to love her back.  

Fans of the show are now comparing Gugu with her cousin Imani who’s a homewrecker and doesn’t think that Gugu’s relationship with Azwindini will last.   

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