Susan/Khloe Kardashian

‘Muvhango’s’ Susan is being compared to reality star – Khloe Kardashian. Image via Twitter @@Bokenza1

‘Muvhango’ fans compare Susan and Azwindini to Khloe and Tristan

‘Muvhango’s’ Susan is being compared to Khloe Kardashian for being faithful to a cheating partner – Azwindini.

Susan/Khloe Kardashian

‘Muvhango’s’ Susan is being compared to reality star – Khloe Kardashian. Image via Twitter @@Bokenza1

Muvhango viewers are comparing Susan Mukwevho to Khloe Kardashian and Azwindini with Tristan Thompson. Both women are faithful to their cheating partners. 

#Muvhango want both women to leave their partners and move on with their lives.

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Fans of SABC 2’s Tshivenda soapie – Muvhango are saddened by Susan’s decision to stay with her cheating husband – Azwindini just like Khloe is with Tristan.  

This is after Azwindini (Gabriel Temudzani) cheated on Susan for the hundredth time with his son’s girlfriend – Gugu and has now filed for divorce.  

But Susan refuses to sign the divorce papers because she wants to make his life difficult with Gugu (Bukamina Cebekhulu).   

Azwindini is also a polygamist who’s married his former mistresses while he’s still married to Susan (Maumela Mahuma).   

He wants to divorce his wife of twenty years because Gugu threatened to leave him if he doesn’t divorce her.   

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Audiences have stated that at least Susan is acting, unlike Khloe Kardashian who is being cheated on publicly by her baby daddy Tristan Thompson.  

NBA star Tristan Thompson trended on Twitter yesterday (16 January) because Twitter users were outraged that Tristan may have been invited to Chicago and Stormi’s joint party after he cheated on Khloe yet again.  

The NBA star impregnated a second woman while romantically linked to his baby mama – Khloe.  

Fans of the reality star believe she’s got low self-esteem and doesn’t think she deserves better after she allegedly took him back.   



“Atleast Suzan is acting lomunye it’s her real life.”  


“No Khloe, she’s still paying for all the tears she’s brought, other women.”

“But ke Susan definitely does.”  


”When will Susan have a new boyfriend?”

“Sikhathele ngu Azwi, it’s been years.”

“Susan must get someone to make her feel young again.”

“Azwi must-see flames for once.”


“I have never been so angry with Muvhango writers as I am right now.”

“Susan has suffered for such a long time now.” 

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