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‘Muvhango’ actors down scripts after being told there’s no money

‘Muvhango’ actors reportedly downed their scripts for the second time in three months this week after their salaries were not paid.


Watch tonight’s Muvhango Episode. Photo: facebook/SA TV

Actors of the SABC2 soapie Muvhango reportedly refused to work this week after their salaries were not paid. Actors reportedly also downed their scripts in November 2022 after their salaries were allegedly not paid in October 2022.

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City Press reveals that actors from Muvhango, which is produced by Word of Mouth Pictures have not showed up for work after theyr didn’t get their salaries.

The TshiVenda soapie Muvhango also made headlines in December when City Press reported that Word of Mouth suspended CEO Mandla KaNozulu for the alleged mismanagement of millions of rands.

An employee from the soapie told the publication this week that cast members were called to a meeting on Tuesday and were informed about the production’s money issues.

“Everyone was informed that there is no money and therefore we cannot be paid this month. We were told that our salaries will be paid later and there is a delay once again because the SABC had delayed paying the company and that affected our salaries.”

SABC’s Acting Group Executive: Corporate Affairs and Marketing Mmoni Seapolelo confirmed to City Press that the payment to Word of Mouth Productions was effected as per the agreement between Word of Mouth and the SABC.

Seapolelo did not comment on KaNozulu’s reported dismissal. KaNozulu did not respond at the time of publishing this article.

Word of Mouth Pictures founder Duma Ka Ndlovu was not available to comment either.

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City Press reported in November 2022 that actors and crew members from the SABC2 soapie Muvhango stayed away after their October salaries were not paid.  

The publication added that cast members were told to put their debit orders on hold as the production will only be able to make their payments later in the week.    

A source from the soapie confirmed they’ve not been paid and had decided to go on a break until their October salaries have been paid.    

“We were supposed to be back filming the new season on Monday, but we have not been paid our salaries as we were supposed to on the last day of the month. So, we have decided to stay away from filming until we are paid.”  

Another source told the publication in 2022 they have no idea when they’ll get paid:   

“It is nothing new. It is like they do not care about our bills. We have cars, houses, school fees, and other bills to pay. Nothing has been said to indicate when we will get our salaries paid into our accounts.”  

It is believed that cast members who travelled from Venda in Limpopo to film scenes in Johannesburg packed their bags and returned home without filming.

“We are not working this week because no one has been paid. The cast members from Venda left and no scenes have been shot because our salaries are not in,” said an actor.

“We have asked them to inform us in time when there are [money] issues because it can’t be that we are always informed at the eleventh hour.

“We need prior notice so that we can make proper arrangements for our families and our other financial commitments.”

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