'Generations: The Legacy'

Actress Zoe Mthiyane chats about life after ‘Generations: The Legacy’. Image via Twitter @Gen_Legacy

Actress Zoe Mthiyane chats about her role in ‘Generations: The Legacy’

The actress Zoe Mthiyane chats about playing Zitha in ‘Generations: The Legacy’, motherhood and losing her mother.

'Generations: The Legacy'

Actress Zoe Mthiyane chats about life after ‘Generations: The Legacy’. Image via Twitter @Gen_Legacy

Actress Zoe Mthiyane who exited Generations: The Legacy two years ago as Zitha talks about motherhood, and losing her mother while she was pregnant. 


The mother of two and actress Zoe Mthiyane – who shot to fame as a contestant on SABC1’s singing competition Coca Cola Pop Stars in 2013 made headlines in 2020 when she was reportedly fired from Generations: The Legacy.  

She tells True Love Magazine that acting on Generations: The Legacy was a big achievement when she joined the soapie as the villainous Zitha in September 2016.  

Mthiyane’s contract was for three months but got an extended contract when her storyline expanded.  

Playing a villain was interesting for the actress especially with the abuse storyline – where her character started abusing Smanga Moroka (Moopi Mothibeli) in 2019 — because she’s mostly played the good girl.  

“I’m lucky because there’s always been something challenging, yet enjoyable about each character that I’ve portrayed. With Zitha, for instance, she’s almost schizophrenic, so I’ve had to dig deep to bring her to life. ”  

“I wish I was as bold as her – but I’m moving closer towards that goal. I no longer hold back, nor do I doubt myself. Before, I was the queen of self-doubt. With time, age and experience, I’ve shed those negative layers.”  

Playing such a challenging character comes with its share of negative energy that, if not controlled, can easily seep into one’s reality.  

“When I leave set, I have to find moments that help me replenish the positive energy that Zitha [sucked] out of me, lest I find myself sinking into a dark space.”

“What really [helped was] going home and being welcomed by my children yelling, ‘MOM!’  

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The seasoned actress lost her mother in 2011 due to a car accident and became a mom six weeks after her mother’s passing.  

“Imagine getting those type of news at 03:00. I don’t remember crying — my sister and I were literally screaming. My mom was the only parent I had left. My dad passed away when I was 22. She raised us on her own, was very strong, and had been looking forward to being a grandmother. I’d gone home to prepare for my son’s birth and we’d been spending a lot of time together.”   

Mthiyane tells the publication that going into motherhood after burying her own mother gave her a new sense of strength and a different outlook on life.  

“This was a period during which I needed my mother to orientate me on all the good and bad of the new journey ahead. Feeling lost, I clung to my firstborn. I was concerned with just surviving.”  

She hasn’t gotten over losing her mom but has learned to bargain and live with the pain.   

“Pain is never in vain. Those tough moments have also reminded me to thank God for whatever big thing He’s preparing me for,” she says in conclusion. 

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