'Mnakwethu's' Bheki Langa

‘Mnakwethu’s’ Bheki Langa. Image via Twitter @SandileKaNgcobo

‘MaSithole is taking care of us’: ‘Mnakwethu’s’ Bheki Langa

MaShelembe’s husband, Bheki Langa says he’s unemployed and that his second wife, MaSithole is providing for the whole family.

'Mnakwethu's' Bheki Langa

‘Mnakwethu’s’ Bheki Langa. Image via Twitter @SandileKaNgcobo

MaShelembe’s husband, Bheki Langa has opened up about his relationship with his first wives, Makhosazana “MaShelembe” Shelembe and Hlengiwe “MaSithole” Sithole.

Langa and his wives, have been trending on social media since appearing on Mzansi Magic’s Mnakwethu this past Tuesday (14 September).  

Langa, told Daily Sun that his relationship with his first wife, MaShelembe isn’t as terrible as it was depicted on the show and that he hasn’t mistreated her.  


The 36-year-old former taxi-owner, says he and his first wife, MaShelembe are unemployed.

He needed a second wife who was financially stable to take care of his family.

MaSithole, is a hard worker as she sells, chickens and detergents for a living.

He met his second wife, MaSithole two years ago (2019), and decided to pay lobola for her because she met all the requirements.   

“I know people think that she gave me a love potion and is controlling me but that’s not the case.”

“I am currently unemployed and survive on piece jobs.”

“At the moment, Hlengiwe is the one taking care of us.”  

He also says that his taxis got repossessed, and that MaShembe used to run a spaza shop but didn’t do well because of the lockdown.  

Langa says, he’s aware that his first wife, MaShelembe is complaining about the fact that he spends most of his time with his second wife, MaSithole.

He is willing to make it up to her and spend more time with her.  

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He’s assured viewers that his relationship with his first wife, MaShelembe has gone back to normal and that her only issue is the fact that he married MaSithole without her consent.  

“Her only issue is that I paid lobola for Hlengiwe behind her back but she has accepted her.”  

MaSithole told the People’s Paper that she doesn’t mind being the second wife, as long as she gets respect from the first wife. 

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