Gqeberha The Empire Luzuko Mxenge Polygamy

There’s a ton of drama on the show but viewers have a few complaints. Image via supplied.

‘Lukewarm premiere’: Viewers not sold on ‘Gqeberha: The Empire’

It seems ‘Gqeberha: The Empire’ was a miss on Monday with some viewers saying there’s overacting and they are not sure yet. Thoughts?

Gqeberha The Empire Luzuko Mxenge Polygamy

There’s a ton of drama on the show but viewers have a few complaints. Image via supplied.

Last night 16 January, was the season premiere of Mzansi Magic’s long awaited telenovela Gqeberha: The Empire and it seems the show did not enjoy great reviews from the viewers on Twitter.

Viewers are saying the show looks like an amateur production and the acting is not up to standard but some have disputed this and said that the show will definitely get better, it was only the first episode.

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Gqeberha: The Empire premiered on Monday 16 January on Mzansi Magic, channel 161 at 21:00 and viewerswere treated to a one-hour special.

The show opened up with a beautiful ocean view of Gqeberha, the man that stirs the ship Luzuko Mxenge (played by Mbulelo Grootboom) is immediately introduced and from the onset viewers can tell that the men surrounding Luzuko must be heavily loaded, judging from the fleet of cars that were shown.

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Luzuko called his friends and right hand son Thulani to announce his latest business venture and that is, he has bought a ship and will be in business with the Chinese.

Just as they toast to the good news, two boats are approaching the lighthouse they are in from a distance and Thulani spots them while he is sight seeing with his binoculars. Guns are cocked and the action starts. Gunshots and kicks are everywhere and from the looks of things, the 11 men in black are after Luzuko as he was the only one shot.

Thulani Gqeberha The Empire Luzuko Mxenge
Thulani will do anything to find out who wanted to kill his father. Image via Twitter.

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Luzuko is rushed to the hospital and his three wives, Bulelwa (Zikhona Sodlaka), Zimkhita (Zandile Msutwana) and Nozuko (Kamvelihle Bikitsha) are then introduced. The second and third wives are not best friends with the obvious quarelling and the first wife is the one who calls them to order.


Back at the hospital, Luzoko asks to see Thulani and yes, they want to get to the bottom of the shooting. Who could want to kill him when he has done so much for the City of Gqeberha, well, that’s according to Luzuko.

Thulani reassures his father that he will find the culprits. On the other side of the town, the culprits are quarrelling and telling each other off because “the mission was not supposed to go like this. Sifiso is dead, Luzuko is alive and will be looking for us,”, within seconds of this conversation, the leader of the gang kills all of them.

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Well, plot twist, the second wife Zimkhitha is the one who ordered the hit on her husband Luzuko and Thulani who is the son of the first wife, Bulelwa. Of course she was not working alone, she is in cahoots with Luzuko’s best friend and they are also having an affair.

More drama, it seems Thulani and his father have been taken by the beauty of one lady, Lunathi, from the villages who is trying to make ends meet and is working at a restaurant as a chef.

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Thulani is clearly interested in her but so is his father who did nothing but throw money at her. It seems, Luzuko will want to take her as the fourth wife but what is Thulani going to do?

Watch Gqeberha: The Empire on Mzansi Magic (DStv Channel 161), Monday – Friday at 21:00.