Ernusta delves deeper in the t

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Ernusta delves deeper in the third season of ‘Op Seer se Spoor’

Follow journalist, Ernusta Maralack as she returns to the scenes of cruel murders in the Western Cape in the third season of ‘Op Seer se Spoor’.

Ernusta delves deeper in the t

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kykNET & kie’s award-winning crime series, Op Seer se Spoor, will soon return to television screens with more horrifying cases that have left families across the country broken.

Op Seer se Spoor | Season 3

Kuier magazine’s article editor, Ernusta Maralack, a woman who has seen a lot in her career as a journalist, revisits the scenes of the most brutal murders in the Western Cape and talks to the families who were left behind.

Ernusta Maralack, a woman who has seen a lot in her career as a journalist, revisits the scenes of the most brutal murders in the Western Cape. Image: Supplied

Ernusta says the filming was very different this year because the team filmed the season during the third wave of infections.

“It was especially difficult for me because I constantly had to remind myself to physically keep my distance, because right in front of me were people who were shattered. Many of them opened up for the first time about their hurt and as a human being I often just had to watch. Other times I simply could not. It made me feel very helpless, ”she says.

In the first two episodes, Ernusta revisits one of the biggest massacres Cape Town has ever experienced when numerous young men were killed in 2013 in a massage parlour in Sea Point, Cape Town. The victims were tortured for hours before their throats were slit and shot execution-style. The two killers were sentenced nine times to life in prison. One has since died, but now there is a chance that Adam Woest will be released on parole after only 17 years in prison.

Investigating Die Gat in Mitchells Plain

Ernusta will also investigate the so-called place where missing bodies are found on the Cape Flats. A seasoned journalist remembers the fear that gripped the whole community, even after the so-called Station Strangler was sent to prison in the nineties. Does “Die Gat ” – where bodies are allegedly left regularly – really exist in Mitchells Plain? According to rumours, this is the first place to look when someone goes missing.

Then, a man who became known by the media as the “Wellington serial killer” or the “Boland killer”, is set to go on trial in the Western Cape High Court soon. He allegedly killed at least three women after luring them with the prospect of a loan or a job. Their bodies were found on a farm on the outskirts of Wellington in the Western Cape. The man is also accused of kidnapping and raping a fourth woman repeatedly. He will face at least three murder charges and several of rape and kidnapping. In the episode, Ernusta talks to the victims’ families.

An ongoing theme

These are just some of the cases Ernusta will be focusing on. For her, there are usually one or two things that stand out in every season, but this time, every case hit her deep and hard.

“This time, without us planning it, there was an ongoing theme of mothers dealing with unimaginable pain after their children were snatched away from them. I was so touched by the deep pain in their eyes, but at the same time I was inspired by the superhuman power of these women to be able to live with their pain, ”she says.

The series is produced by Gambit Films and focuses on eight cases in total.

The third season of the Safta award-winning series, Op Seer Se Spoor, starts on 26 October at 20:00 on kykNET&kie, DStv channel 145.