Dineo ranaka

Dineo Ranaka is fighting to live. Image via Instagram @dineoranaka.

Inside Dineo Ranaka’s new TV hosting gig ‘Breaking The Silence’

TV producer Dineo Ranaka has scored a TV hosting gig on SABC 1’s new docu-series, ‘Breaking The Silence’ which premiers tonight (3 January).

Dineo ranaka

Dineo Ranaka is fighting to live. Image via Instagram @dineoranaka.

Reality star and TV personality Dineo Ranaka has scored a TV hosting gig on SABC 1’s show, Breaking The Silence.   

The new docu-reality series will premiere tonight (3 January) on SABC 1.  

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TV and radio personality Dineo Ranaka has been announced as host of SABC 1’s new docu-reality series, Breaking The Silence.   

SABC 1’s acting channel head, Thuli Nhlapo confirmed the news to Daily Sun.  

According to the publication, the series will address challenges such as HIV infection, gender-based violence, unplanned pregnancies as well as substance abuse.   

The channel states that it’s important for them to educate viewers and reflect on issues that affect the youth.  

“By showcasing the challenged of comprehensive sexuality education, we play an active role in changing the narrative and empowering the youth.”  

The series has also been developed to strengthen the provision of comprehensive sexuality in Life Orientation.    

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Dineo Ranaka angrily lashed out at Sechaba Thole in a video that went viral on Twitter last month.  

The radio personality told her boyfriend at the time that she has a bigger ego than he does and she knows he will have anxiety when she steps into his life.  

Tweeps were also shocked by her announcement that she divorced her husband with who she allegedly has a baby.   

“The problem is that you think you know me and you think you know too much. I used you to heal. You used people to boost your f****** ego. Grow the f*** up,” she says.   

“Talk about ego, I got a bigger one than yours. Of course, you’re going to get anxiety when I wake up and I step presence in your life. ‘Hey, Dineo I don’t call you because you give me anxiety. I’m too big,” she continued.   

“And it’s not even about clout and celebrity status, I work too damn hard to be a healthy woman. I work too damn hard,” she added. 

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Her family’s hit reality TV show The Ranakas has been renewed for a fifth season and will debut this Thursday (6 January) on Mzansi Magic.

Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela, revealed that M-Net renewed the popular reality show for another season.

“TV: #TheRanakas returning”

“The hit reality show is back with a brand new season.”

“Season five sees Ntate Ranaka searching for his sister, trials of running business during Covid, Manaka farming and more.

“Starts January 6th at 8PM on Mzansi Magic.”

Watch Dineo Ranaka on Breaking The Silence on SABC 1, Mondays at 16:30 from 3 January. 

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