Kwenzokuhle Ngcobo/Qhawe

Former ‘Imbewu: The Seed’ actor Kwenzokuhle Ngcobo now plays the role of Qhawe in ‘The Wife’. Image via Instagram @kwenzo_pholoba

From ‘Imbewu’ to ‘The Wife’: Kwenzokuhle Ngcobo on his new role

Former ‘Imbewu: The Seed’ actor Kwenzokuhle Ngcobo opens up about his new role as Qhawe in the popular telenovela ‘The Wife’.

Kwenzokuhle Ngcobo/Qhawe

Former ‘Imbewu: The Seed’ actor Kwenzokuhle Ngcobo now plays the role of Qhawe in ‘The Wife’. Image via Instagram @kwenzo_pholoba

Former Imbewu: The Seed actor Kwenzokuhle Ngcobo, who currently plays the role of Qhawe in The Wife, talks about his journey on the telenovela.   

Qhawe is Mqhele’s brother, the one who met Hlomu first and was too shy to make a move.   

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The Wife actor Kwenzokuhle Ngcobo, who plays the role of Qhawe, got his big break in Imbewu: The Seed as Themba.  

Ngcobo’s current role in The Wife has Mzansi ladies swooning over him with some wishing that Hlomu actually fell for Qhawe and not Mqhele.   

This is because Qhawe is the one that met Hlomu first and is still in love with her even though she married his brother, Mqhele.   

The Wife audiences pity him as he’s always gazing longingly at his brother’s girlfriend and shooting death stares at Mqhele.  

Qhawe is a dangerous taxi driver, who does cash-in-transit heists along with his brothers.  

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The actor Kwenzokuhle Ngcobo, who is now known as Qhawe in the Showmax series also played the role of Themba in Imbewu: The Seed.  

He tells Drum Magazine that he auditioned for The Wife after hearing about it from his agent.  

“I heard about The Wife from my agent, in June I auditioned for it and received a callback. I really loved it and it’s been a crazy journey.”  

He adds that he didn’t take it to heart when fans of the book were not pleased with the Zulu brothers the first time  

“I understood people have been invested in the books and created the characters in their heads.”  

Ngcobo said he focused on working hard in telling the story until fans changed their minds and started loving the characters.  

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“That’s why Qhawe was so hurt whenever Naledi walked away because his mother stayed until death.”

“But he told her why that, in the relationship Naledi whenever things went South she’d give in & walk away and he had to chase after her.”

“Guys when Qhawe c*cked that pistol, those arms bathong, that face, his beard. That man is walking temptation yoh.”

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