Zandile/Angela Sithole

‘Imbewu: The Seed’ viewers are having sleepless nights over Zandile’s snake – Bhululu. Image via Twitter @etvImbewu

‘Imbewu: The Seed’ viewers are haunted by Zandile’s snake – Bhululu

Viewers of ‘Imbewu: The Seed’ are requesting for Zandile’s witchcraft storyline to end as they’re haunted by her snake -Bhululu.

Zandile/Angela Sithole

‘Imbewu: The Seed’ viewers are having sleepless nights over Zandile’s snake – Bhululu. Image via Twitter @etvImbewu

Fans of’s third-most-watched show – Imbewu: The Seed are having sleepless nights over Zandile’s powerful snake – Bhululu.   

Viewers have also revealed that they’ve avoided buying the basket in which Bhululu lives in.  


Zandile’s ukuthwala (witchcraft) storyline and her relationship with her snake -Bhululu has shocked viewers of’s popular telenovela – Imbewu: The Seed.  

  • Fans are terrified for Zandile who has just been informed by her sangoma that she is stuck with Bhululu forever.   
  • Zandile went to consult without knowing the terms and conditions of getting gifts from the snake.   
  • The sangoma told her that her family members will die if she tries to separate herself from the snake.   
  • She sleeps with the snake which stays in her house and was told last week that Bhulu wants to feed on Nkululeko’s babies –baby Mvelo and Zola’s baby.    
  • Angela Sithole who plays the role recently replaced former Muvhango actress Buhle Samuels who exited the show this season.  

Samuels said she could no longer continue with the role due to the change in her character’s storyline.  

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“In terms of storytelling and acting #imbewutheseed is a master class in filmmaking! compared to any other telenovela in the country.”

“So proud of the team and all the hard work they have put through.” 


Imbewu will lose me as their follower cuz of ubhululu.”

“Just not sure if they will only lose me that thing is scary and I can’t sleep at night after seeing it.”

“Please stop before you lose followers #ImbewuTheSeed #imbewu do what is right by your viewers.”


“Nkululeko first dated Zakithi his sister then Zethu, his brother’s ex then his sister again, Fikile.”

“He has a child with his brother’s wife and now, he is sleeping with his father’s ex-girlfriend, Zandile.”

“He is cursed!”

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