'House of Zwide'

‘House of Zwide’ viewers: ‘Funani has turned into Jack Mabaso’. Images via Twitter @IamLindaniNkosi and @etvHouseofZwide

‘House of Zwide’ viewers: ‘Funani has turned into Jack Mabaso’

‘House of Zwide’ viewers are seeing similarities between Funani and Jack Mabaso because of his secrecy about Ona’s DNA to Faith and Isaac.

'House of Zwide'

‘House of Zwide’ viewers: ‘Funani has turned into Jack Mabaso’. Images via Twitter @IamLindaniNkosi and @etvHouseofZwide

House of Zwide viewers noticed that actor Vusi Kunene, who plays the sweet and gentle fashion guru Funani transitioned into his villainous Generations: The Legacy role Jack Mabaso in last night’s (6 July) episode when he promised to make Isaac pay for taking his daughter Ona/Zobuhle from him.   

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Funani shocked House of Zwide viewers when he activated his dark mode just like actor Vusi Kunene’s previous role Jack Mabaso from the SABC1 soapie.

Funani kept Ona’s DNA results a secret from everyone including his son, Nkosi who assisted him in finding out that Ona (Nefisa Mkhabela) is his sister Zobuhle Zwide who was kidnapped by Isaac Molapo (Jefreey Sekele) years ago.   

Funani also kept the results a secret from his conniving wife Faith Zwide who’s the mastermind behind Funani’s first wife’s death and Ona’s kidnapping.  

In the scene, the fashion designer promises to make Isaac pay for stealing his daughter not knowing that his new wife Faith is behind the whole thing.    

The TVSA House of Zwide July teasers indicate that Funani (Vusi Kunene) will confront Isaac about Ona being his daughter on Wednesday, 13 July and their heated argument will end deadly after wrestling with a gun.  

The TVSA Wednesday 13 July reads:    

“Funani’s quest for the truth ends in a deadly confrontation with Isaac.”   

The Thursday 14 July reads:   

“Isaac and Funani get into a tussle and the gun is fired. The truth is out and Funani confronts Faith in front of Rea.”   

Faith will try to save her skin when her husband confronts her about Ona being Zobuhle Zwide, the daughter kidnapped in the fire twenty years ago.    

The Friday 15 July teaser reads:   

“A desperate Faith tries to survive by putting all the blame on Isaac but Funani is on to her.”   

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“How can a man who has been weeping for his daughter hide that info from everyone? Honestly, the writers are taking us for a ride.”  


“I think he truly believes Ona deserved to win the competition, maybe he didn’t want it to seem like she’s only winning because he found out that she’s his daughter.”  


“Strategy and wanting to investigate properly without him being noticed.”  


“Fine, the truth is out. But, there was no creativity in revealing the truth that we long waited for. ” 


“Can’t wait for Zwide to unlock the Jack Mabaso in him I feel sorry for Isaac coz he wasn’t behind the whole thing.” 

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