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‘He ain’t leaving ‘The Estate’: #7deLaan reacts to Vince Meintjies’ return. Image via Twitter @Real7deLaan

‘He ain’t leaving ‘The Estate’: #7deLaan reacts to Vince Meintjies’ return

‘7de Laan’ viewers are thrilled that fan-favourite character – Vince Meintjies has reunited with his wife – Aggie.

7de Laan

‘He ain’t leaving ‘The Estate’: #7deLaan reacts to Vince Meintjies’ return. Image via Twitter @Real7deLaan

Popular 7de Laan actor – Jacques Blignaut surprised viewers this week when he returned to the SABC2 soapie to continue his character as Aggie’s husband – Vince Meintjies.   

The actor exited the Afrikaans soapie in March 2021 after securing the role of Martin van Wyk in The Estate.  

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7de Laan’s popular character – Vince Meintjies reunited with his wife – Aggie Meintjies after she got injured and hospitalised.  

Vince hurried back to Hillside when his sister-in-law – Vannesa revealed that Aggie got injured when the building she was in collapsed.  

She and her husband hadn’t seen each other for over a year before this past Monday.   

Aggie and viewers thought she was dreaming when she woke up and saw Vince in the hospital.  

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While some viewers of the show are happy to see Vince again, some aren’t thrilled about his return as the actor is reportedly still with The Estate.   

Aggie’s (Nobuhle Mahlasela) fans also want her to file for divorce because she’s been miserable and lonely in the long-distance marriage.   

According to the storyline, Vince left Hillside after getting an opportunity to be a chef overseas.     

Fans were also furious with Vince last year when he shared that he’s seeing someone overseas and suggested an open marriage to his wife.   

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“It’s all coming full circle. Imagine if Vince gets OppieKoppie back.”   


“Vince is back or it’s just Aggie’s dream.”  


“If Vince doesn’t come to see his wife in hospital, Aggie must divorce him.”   


“Denzil is going to remodel Oppiekoffie and Vince is going to come back claiming Oppiekoffie belongs to him lmao.”   


“And to think this war between Vanessa and Aggie was started by Vince’s romantic gesture.”  


“Is it really Vince?”  


“I had to watch tonight because I saw Vince in the preview.”