'Nkosinathi Cele is loveable': Fezile Makhanya on his 'Gomora' role

‘Nkosinathi Cele is loveable’: Fezile Makhanya on his ‘Gomora’ role. Image via Twitter @FezileMakhanya

‘Nkosinathi Cele is loveable’: Fezile Makhanya on his ‘Gomora’ role

Former ‘The River’ actor Fezile Makhanya who’s joined ‘Gomora’ as Principal Nkosinathi Cele opens up about his role.

'Nkosinathi Cele is loveable': Fezile Makhanya on his 'Gomora' role

‘Nkosinathi Cele is loveable’: Fezile Makhanya on his ‘Gomora’ role. Image via Twitter @FezileMakhanya

Seasoned actor Fezile Makhanya recently opened up about his role as Principal Nkosinathi Cele in Mzansi Magic’s Gomora and his most memorable role on TV.  

Makhanya has reportedly replaced fan-favourite actor Zolisa Xaluva and is set to debut in the telenovela this month.   


The popular actor Fezile Makhanya whose character just got killed in The River this week says his latest role Principal Nkosinathi Cele in Gomora is a role viewers will love to hate.

He tells Drum Magazine:

“He’s a really nice and loveable guy,” he says about Nkosinathi. “Gomora viewers will love to hate him, but they will end up sympathizing with him.”

Viewers should also expect his character to be charming and blessed with the gift of the gab as he can talk his way out of anything.

The high school principal is also an authoritarian who clashes with parents and is trapped in an unhappy marriage but will soon meet the woman he knows he should have married.

Viewers of the show suspect this woman is Gladys played by musician and award-winning actress Thembi Seete.

The star shocked fans of 1Magic’s telenovela The River last week when he resurrected from the dead after getting shot multiple times by Lindiwe (played by Sindi Dlathu) a few weeks ago.

“He was shot but who said he died?” Fezile says with a laugh.

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Makhanya also reveals in his interview that his fans still refer to him as Tebogo – Kea Khoza’s (Dineo Langa) abusive boyfriend from The Queen.  

“There are still people who call me Tebogo or who say they will never forgive me for what Tebogo did.”  

He adds that he excels in his characters because he’s the complete opposite of them and he’s a nice guy by nature.   

“By nature, I am a nice guy. I am a law-abiding citizen. I mean I have a speeding ticket or two like anyone else, but nothing hectic. I do not condone GBV at all and so playing an abuser I identified the very things that would make me uncomfortable and play at them. Just like playing if I had to play a paedophile one day because I realise that it’s wrong, I would go to those places so that the viewer can see them. I don’t think there is a role I wouldn’t play.” 

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