‘Gomora’ fans mock Sibongile’s weird facial expressions. Images via Twitter @MlondoPearl, @Pamela_Lupital1 and @Zas63438175

‘Gomora’ fans mock Sibongile’s weird facial expressions

‘The eyes pop and nose twitch’: ‘Gomora’ viewers mock Sibongile’s weird facial expressions, played by actress Nandipha Khubone.


‘Gomora’ fans mock Sibongile’s weird facial expressions. Images via Twitter @MlondoPearl, @Pamela_Lupital1 and @Zas63438175

Actress Nandipha Khubone, who plays troubled a teenager Sibongile is annoying Gomora viewers with her puzzling facial expressions.  

A viewer tweeted:  


“What else can Sibongile offer besides those big eyes? Girl can’t act, ka facial expression ya botlaela (stupid).”  



Viewers of the Mzansi Magic telenovela Gomora are complaining about Sibongile’s reactions whenever bad things happen to her and wish the actress Nandipha Khubone would stop popping her eyes or twitching her nose as ‘it’s annoying’.  

Khubone joined Gomora in season two as Don’s daughter and Zodwa’s step-daughter after her mother passed away.   

She’s been stressing Zodwa out since her father, (Israel Matseke-Zulu) got killed in season two, from hiding her father’s dead body, sleeping with old men, leaked nudes, lying about inheritance money, etc.   

Fans of the show are also worried Zodwa (played by Sannah Mchunu) will start drinking again after her sugar daddy (Mr Leballo) leaked her nudes last night (2 August).

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“Sibongile will keep popping out her eyes, knowing very she voluntarily got into bed with an old man.”  


“She loves soft life too much, she doesn’t appreciate the love n care from family.”  


“I’m so mad at Sibongile, people are busy fighting for her but she still goes after this man. She likes flashy life and now she is paying for it. I hate what the man did to her but I don’t feel sorry for her. Busy saying kids are bullying her but she still sleeps with him.”  


“She will learn the hard way. It’s good for her! She has no morals! A child who doesn’t understand that her parents can’t afford certain things is an ingrate, especially since Zodwa has done nothing but love her. She loves a soft life that she can’t afford.”  


“It’s her upbringing, she probably grew up in a family like that, I think once a child gets to a certain age with no “proper moral” compass, it’s downhill from there, especially at teenage hood.”  


“Haibo this child doesn’t listen. I’m so pissed ingathi she is my young sister #GomoraMzanzi Sibongile.” 

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