Gomora Zodwa

Zodwa (Sanah Mchunu) challenges Don (Israel Matseke-Zulu), the ancestor. Image: @Gomora_sa/ Twitter

‘Gomora’ viewers react to Zodwa challenging Don’s ghost

‘Gomora’s’ Zodwa is tired of Don’s ghost haunting her at night. She decided to burn incense and tell Don where to get off.

Gomora Zodwa

Zodwa (Sanah Mchunu) challenges Don (Israel Matseke-Zulu), the ancestor. Image: @Gomora_sa/ Twitter

Gomora viewers were left in stitches and speechless this week when Zodwa challenged Don’s ghost.  

Zodwa has been having sleepless nights since she killed Don as he keeps appearing in her dreams.   

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Gomora’s Zodwa killed Don after he threatened to kill both Melusi and his son, Ntokozo.  

She shot and killed him with her son, Teddy’s (Sicelo Buthelezi) gun.  

Zodwa (Sannah Mchunu) hasn’t had a peaceful night as Don keeps appearing in her dreams.  

She asked Teddy to assist her burn incense to ask the ancestors to help her get some sleep.   

She then changed her mind in a twist of events and told Don’s ancestors where to get off.  

Fans of the telenovela applauded the actress for her performance on social media.    

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Don (Israel Matseke-Zulu) tortured the residents of Gomora for months on end.   

He tormented the Langas by sleeping in MamSonto’s house for weeks, eating their food, and hosting parties in their house.   

He also tortured his own family by hiring his hitmen to pretend to rob them just to instill fear in them and rescue them.  

Don also shot and crippled Mazet (Siphesihle Ndaba) who is still in a wheelchair.  

He is also the reason that MamSonto (Connie Chiume) ended up in a coma for months.   

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“Zodwa is gatvol with ghosts coming to her at night, she swears at them and their ancestors.”


“Sis Zodwa mahn, if you dare come to my toro’s.”  


“Zodwa a re he will kill Don in her dream #GomoraMzanzi.”  


“Not Zodwa saying Mazet is walking Parallel bathong.”

“Worse she will still kill Don Prefusely.” 


“Let’s celebrate this lady ‘ Zodwa’ whilst she is still at the peak of her acting career.”

“Wow she is killing this character.”