‘Gomora’ star Nandipha Khubone. Image via Twitter

‘Gomora’: Nandipa Khubone discusses playing Sibongile Buthelezi

Actress Nandipa Khubone discusses the challenges of playing teenage mother Sibongile Buthelezi in ‘Gomora’.


‘Gomora’ star Nandipha Khubone. Image via Twitter

Talented actress Nandipa Khubone discusses playing feisty teenager Sibongile Buthelezi in Mzansi Magic’s canned telenovela Gomora.

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The 22-year-old actress Nandipha Khubone tells True Love that Sibongile Buthelezi, who debuted in Gomora in 2021 with her father Don (played by Israel Matseke-Zulu) is a girl who first came on the show as almost orphaned.

“So, she’s a girl who first came on the show as almost orphaned. Well, her mom passed away and she came in with her dad and she moved to Gomora to relocate and live with her dad’s ex and so on and so on, so that was her half-brother who was also in the house.

“She’s now aced to a completely different fiery troublemaker of a girl but I have a soft spot for her, so I understand her arc. But now she’s a teen mom who has gone through sexual harassment, abuse, and a whole lot of prejudice as well as just always constantly having to explain herself. But my character is dynamic, I really do enjoy her as well as the strength she portrays,” Nandi says.

The teenager, who attends Gomora High in the telenovela is whipped into shape by Zodwa (played by Sannah Mchunu) while living with her half-brother Teddy (played by Sicelo Buthelezi).

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The Gomora star Nandipha Khubone, who’s been playing Sibongile for nearly two years since her TV debut in the Mzansi Magic drama series discusses the challenges of playing the character.

“I think difficulties came from first receiving the script and judging her because it was like, ‘oh no come on, you know better. I know you, you know better’. So, it was just letting go of that thing.

“She lost her mom, her dad passed away as well. She’s in a space that’s just no one she grew up with and just a half-brother in the mix as well. So, it was having to let go of a lot of expectations for her and just coming to the table and just allowing her room to grow. So, I think I really struggled with trying to find empathy for her, but I did.”

Khubone ads that the main objective is always to educate through what they are doing on-scree and when kids grow up, they can be like, ‘oh, you know, 10 years ago I used to watch this and this was teenage pregnancy and I know I don’t want to go through that because this is how my mom reacts’.

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