Thembi Seete as Gladys

‘Gomora’ actress Thembi Seete as Gladys. Image via Twitter @Joy_zelda

‘Gomora’ Review: Gladys represents women who don’t want kids

Will Glady’s keep the baby when she finds out about Melusi and Thati’s affair? Is she willing to lose her husband over her decision.

Thembi Seete as Gladys

‘Gomora’ actress Thembi Seete as Gladys. Image via Twitter @Joy_zelda

Gladys’s (Thembi Seete) baby storyline is open, real, honest, and refreshing.

TV shows rarely speak about women’s issues this way.

  • We expected her to carry Melusi’s (Zolisa Xaluva) baby because they are married.
  • We didn’t expect her to not want to be a mother just because she’s a mother already.
  • Women who are married are expected to carry all their husband’s babies.
  • Nobody asks the woman what she wants.
  • Nobody asks the woman if she wants to be a mother.


Gladys shocked viewers this week when she told her husband that she wants to abort their baby.

  • She’s aborted twice before and never told her husband.
  • Zodwa (Sana Mchunu) was shocked that she told Melusi about this pregnancy because she didn’t do it before.
  • Zodwa is against her revealing everything to Melusi because he won’t be able to handle the real Gladys.
  • If Gladys tells Melusi that she’s aborted before, he will divorce her.
  • Melusi is already having an affair with Thati (Katlego Danke) and loves Thati more.


Gladys might have told Melusi about this baby because she secretly wants to keep it.

  • She is tired of keeping secrets from her husband and wants to have an honest and open marriage.
  • She hasn’t healed from raising her siblings by herself who have forgotten about her and never contact her.
  • Ntokozo (Ntobeko Shishi) booked a session for her to see a therapist because she’s still bleeding inside.

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The only reason she has a child with Melusi now is that it was expected of her.

  • She’s been through the pregnancy and has one child and doesn’t want to be a mother again.
  • Ntokozo has always felt like his parents don’t love him which is true.
  • Melusi didn’t want to be with Gladys because he loves Thati.
  • Their marriage wasn’t built on love but obligations.
  • Gladys never loved Ntokozo as a mother should because she was forced to be a mother.

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