Sicelo Buthelezi

‘Teddy is turning 40 this year’: ‘Gomora’ react to Sithelo Buthelezi’s age. Image via Twitter @Seekay_SA

‘Teddy is turning 40’: ‘Gomora’ fans react to Sicelo Buthelezi’s ‘real age’

Popular actor Sicelo Buthelezi – who plays Teddy the teenager in ‘Gomora’ is reportedly way older than his character’s age.

Sicelo Buthelezi

‘Teddy is turning 40 this year’: ‘Gomora’ react to Sithelo Buthelezi’s age. Image via Twitter @Seekay_SA

Gomora fans were surprised when a tweep stated that actor Sicelo Buthelezi- who plays a high scholar on the show is reportedly way older than he looks.   

Buthelezi is reportedly turning 37 years in real life while his character is turning 19 years in the telenovela.   

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Sicelo Buthelezi was born in March 1985 according to although he plays a teenager – Teddy in Gomora.

This means he is three years younger than what Gomora tweeps estimated on Twitter and he might be 18 years older than his character on the show.  

Viewers are still surprised at how young the actor looks and that he could pass off as a teenager in real life.  

The actor also reacted to @ChrisExcel102’s tweet:  

“So Teddy from Gomora is turning 40 years this year”.  

Sicelo Buthelezi tweeted under his handle @seekay_sa:   

“Aowa @ChrisExcel102 wang’polaya now aiii ngeke chief ima kancan tuu.” (No, ChrisExcel you’re killing me now. I can’t with you, wait a minute.)  

The actor didn’t confirm he’s almost 40 years or admitted that he is 40-years-old in his reaction.  

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Gomora viewers are furious with Teddy this week for the way he’s been treating his mother – Zodwa (Sannah Mchunu).   

He got his mother fired from her new job last night (9 February) when he told her new employer that she stole money from her previous employer.   

Fans disagree with what he did because he’s still living at home and depends on his mother’s salary.  

Zodwa is a domestic worker and a recovering alcoholic who is trying to rebuild her life for herself and her children.  

Her previous boss – Gladys (Thembi Seete) accused her of stealing R1000 and fired her when she denied stealing the money.   

It turns out that Glady’s son – Ntokozo (Ntobeko Shishi) stole the money so he can buy a bracelet for his girlfriend – Mazet (Siphesihle Ndaba). 

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