Nkosi and Sphe Cele

‘Generations: The Legacy’ February Spoilers: Nkosi takes over #Ezweni and Sphe dumps Luyolo. Image via Twitter @Gen_Legacy

‘Generations’ Spoilers: Nkosi takes over #Ezweni and Sphe dumps Luyolo

Generations: The Legacy’s’ Nkosi will take over #Ezweni from Kabisi and become chairman. Sphe will dump Luyolo and date Winston.

Nkosi and Sphe Cele

‘Generations: The Legacy’ February Spoilers: Nkosi takes over #Ezweni and Sphe dumps Luyolo. Image via Twitter @Gen_Legacy

Generations:The Legacy’s Sphe will break up with her on-and-off boyfriend – Luyolo when she finds out he betrayed her uncle – Nkosi, which led to Kabisi’s win.  

Nkosi will win the war against Kabisi Moroka and take over #Ezweni.   

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Kabisi will be forced to swallow his pride next month when he figures out that Sphe’s uncle – Nkosi paid his PA to sleep with him.

Nkosi paid Thembeka to recorded herself and Kabisi having sex and will share his intimate moment with the #Ezweni board.  

Kabisi will finally learn that his PA Thembeka (Rosemary Zimu) – is also a prostitute who was paid by Nkosi.

Nkosi is fighting dirty so he can become the chairman at #Ezweni Communications.   

The TVSA Thursday, 3 February teaser reads:   

“It’s a bitter pill for Kabisi to swallow his pride.”

“What happens at the board meeting leaves Ayanda (Samela Tyelbooi) reeling.”  

The war between Kabisi (Mpho J. Molepo) and Nkosi will also affect Mazwi Moroka and Sphe Cele’s relationship.  

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Sphe (Pearl Monama) is about to find out that Luyolo (Karabo Maseko) is not as honest and as loyal as he pretends to be.   

Luyolo shared confidential information about Kabisi to Pamela – the journalist which led to Kabisi winning the first round against Nkosi in the boardroom.   

The TVSA teasers suggest that Sphe will dump him and move on with a new man in February.   

The Thursday, 10 February teaser reads:  

“Luyolo reaches out to his ex but it doesn’t go as planned.” 

The Monday, 21 February teaser reads:  

“Sphe feels like the new man in her life is too good to be true…”  

Her new man will play the role of Winston according to the teasers though it is unclear who the actor is at this stage.  

Generations: The Legacy hasn’t introduced any new actors since Muzi Mthabela (Nkosi Cele) and Yonda Thomas (Lelethu) recently joined the soapie.  

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