'Muvhango' actress, Morwesi Theledi as Mantwa

‘Muvhango’ actress, Morwesi Theledi as Mantwa. Image via Instagram @MuvhangoSA

Female ex-offender joins ‘Muvhango’: ‘Prison was a blessing in disguise’

Actress and motivational speaker, Morwesi Theledi, has joined ‘Muvhango’ to play the role of a kidnapper, Mantwa.

'Muvhango' actress, Morwesi Theledi as Mantwa

‘Muvhango’ actress, Morwesi Theledi as Mantwa. Image via Instagram @MuvhangoSA

Motivational speaker, Morwesi Theledi, who spent six years behind bars, has joined the cast of SABC 2’s Venda soapie, Muvhango

The 38-year-old actress and ex-convict, plays the role of a kidnapper and James Motsamai’s (Dingaan Mokebe KaKhumalo) cousin, Mantwa.  


James Motsamai’s mother, Moipone (Mabatho Mogomotsi) together with Mantwa, kidnapped Tenda’s newborn baby as revenge.   

Tenda tried to get Moipone killed after she heard him confessing to the killing of his nephew, Hulisani (Burnett Gededger).  

Moipone survived the ordeal and convinced Mantwa to kidnap Tenda’s (Nathaniel Ramabulana) baby after he was born.   

Nobody suspects Moipone of the kidnapping because she’s convinced them that she has amnesia and does not remember who attacked her.

Mantwa kidnapped the baby while Moipone was at the hospital as a patient while Tenda’s baby was born.   

Viewers met Mantwa this week when she phoned Moipone to ask her money for the baby.  

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Theledi spent six years behind bars after being approached by a customer to defraud the bank and transfer R2.7 million and set R300 000 aside, which she did.

She was arrested in 2008, was sentenced to ten years, and discovered that she was pregnant with her second child while in prison.  

“I cried the whole night after he was taken away.”

“I decided that I needed to see a psychologist and that was the first time I told my story.”

“It was the day I was set free (emotionally).”  

She told IOL that prison was a blessing in disguise for her as she is regarded as a top actress today and she never knew that she could act.  

“I went in with low self-esteem but came out as an award-winning actress.”   

Theledi was the lead actress in Stories Behind Bars: Volume Three, which was staged at the Auto & General Theatre on the Square in Sandton in 2016.   

She walked out of prison after six years and five months and says her family is still trying to get used to her new celeb status and are incredibly supportive. 

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