'The River'

Sindi Dlathu’s sister Tina and more stars join ‘The River’ as the Hlophes. Image via Twitter @TVwithThinus

‘This new family doesn’t fit’: ‘The River’ viewers criticise the Hlophes

Viewers of ‘The River’ are unsatisfied with the Hlophe family’s storyline and are unconvinced by their connection.

'The River'

Sindi Dlathu’s sister Tina and more stars join ‘The River’ as the Hlophes. Image via Twitter @TVwithThinus

The River’s latest family the Hlophes failed to entertain viewers this week after their explosive debut last Thursday.  

Viewers of the multi-award-winning telenovela took to Twitter this week to criticise the family’s storylines and lack of chemistry.   


The River fans are disappointed with the telenovela’s latest casting as they were looking forward to the Hlophe’s storyline which features Imbewu’s Brenda Mhlongo, Isibaya’s Bheki Mkhwane, and newcomers – Tina Dlathu, Vuyo Biyela, and Unathi Mkhize.    

Rising star Tina Dlathu joined her older sister – Sindi Dlathu in The River as Brenda Mhlongo and Bheki Mkhwane’s daughter- Khwezi – while newcomers – Unathi Mkhize and Vuyo Biyela play on-screen brothers Nkanyiso and Mlilo.     

Mhlongo plays stepmother Nomafu while Mkhwane plays her husband Bukhosi.  

The five actors joined the award-winning telenovela as part of the new Hlophe family- a dangerous and wealthy family.    

Viewers of the show complained that the family doesn’t fit into the show when they settled into their mansion.   

Fans are also wondering where their storyline is going and why they’re always shouting at each other unnecessarily.   



“Whoever did the casting for the Hlophe family really failed us. This is disappointing, the acting is so so bad.”  


“Agreed! So that other guy cannot get out of the Ndlovu character? I won’t even comment about the wife and the two boys.” 


“From Zolani kind of acting to this hai no it’s not giving. Those brothers are worse.”  


“This new family ish.”👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽😂  


“@msnakanyane I’m hoping they improve coz wow they are not the diver standard😅 they giving mzanzibioskop.”  


“@thandazomboba spot on😂Mzansibioskop vibes.”😂  


“They’re trying too hard, it’s not gelling at the moment. I’m giving them more time.”


“The entrance was wow but manje they just burst my bubble. Everything is chaos nje.” 

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