'DiepCity' actor Obed Baloyi as Ringo

‘DiepCity’ actor Obed Baloyi as Ringo. Image via Twitter @DiepCityMzansi

‘DiepCity’ fans react to Khelina and Ringo’s ‘Siya Kolisi’ news

Was Ringo daydreaming, joking or drunk when he told Khelina about the accident that could lead to the pitter patter of little feet?

'DiepCity' actor Obed Baloyi as Ringo

‘DiepCity’ actor Obed Baloyi as Ringo. Image via Twitter @DiepCityMzansi

Ringo (Obed Baloyi) just dropped a bombshell in Wednesday evening’s episode when he informed Khelina (Lebohang Mpyana) that the condom broke… 

Fans however are hoping that Khelina is really pregnant as they are entertaining as a couple and give viewers a reason to keep watching.

DiepCity’s ‘Siya Kolisi’?

The pair will also make fabulous parents to their unborn son whom they’ve named “Siya Kolisi” if Khelina is really pregnant.

Fans are however still unsure whether Ringo was drunk, daydreaming or making jokes as the pair never seem to take anything seriously.


Mgedeza (Mduduzi Mabaso) assumes Maureen (Vele Manenje) is pregnant with his son because she’s never told him that she cheated on him.

  • VIewers are rooting for them as a couple and don’t want them to stray because it will be too heartbreaking to watch.
  • Mgedeza will be crushed when he finds out that his angelic wife slept with another man and might not be carrying his child.
  • Even though Mgedeza is cheating on Maureen with Zola (Sonia Mbele) he won’t be forgiving when he finds out the truth. 
  • He is a gangster who runs the streets of Diepsloot and won’t tolerate any disrespect from his wife or any member of the community.    
  • He won’t think twice about ending her baby’s daddy’s life when he finds out either.
  • This revelation will possibly cause Maureen and Mgedeza to break up before she even gives birth.

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