'Diep City'

‘Diep City’ actress and farmer Zikhona Bali. Images via Twitter @OurLivesMarket and @Zikhona_Bali

‘Diep City’ actress and farmer Zikhona Bali buys 150 chickens

Talented actress Zikhona Bali, who played Asanda in ‘Diep City’ has introduces herself as a farmer and bought 150 chickens.

'Diep City'

‘Diep City’ actress and farmer Zikhona Bali. Images via Twitter @OurLivesMarket and @Zikhona_Bali

The talented actress and farmer Zikhona Bali, who exited Diep City in 2022 as Pastor Charleston’s love interest Asanda tells Drum that she’s taking a backseat with acting and she’s just finished shooting a film for Netflix. 

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Award-winning actress Zikhona Bali, who played Asanda in Black Pictures’ telenovela Diep City discusses her love for farming.

“Funny enough I am from elokshin but my grandfather used to have chickens and I used to hate those chickens because ke sana in the morning they were on the windows clucking, and I used to be scared of them. “

“They weren’t broilers but imileqwa, so for me, they were kind of aggressive. I didn’t necessarily like chickens, I wasn’t interested. But I always had this idea of buying my grandmother a cow.

“You know in our culture there’s is that tradition that when someone dies they should be accompanied with a cow. So I didn’t want to do that for my grandmother when she has already passed on. I said ‘I want to buy her a cow now’, while she is still alive. I wanted to fuya and not slaughter it.”

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The Diep City actress Zikhona Bali adds that she currently sells her chickens from a farm in the south of Johannesburg.

“We used to play stokvel at work and a friend eavesdropped on the conversation I had with bhut’ Muntu about chickens. She was so excited and said, ‘I also want in!’ We then became partners. I took money from the stokvel and made an investment into the business.”

“I am renting the farm with the idea and long-term goal of getting funds from the government. I also want to collaborate with other farmers so that we can grow together.”

The star adds that she’s now reintroduced herself as a chicken farmer actress.

“I had such a warm reception, people have been receiving me very well. They have been encouraging me because you woke up every day and I’m not even over exaggerating especially now it’s our turn to sell and I have to put myself out there. I was saying to a friend that with social media it’s easier to raise the card that ‘I am a public figure and I have followers’ but people will encourage you and wish you well but not a lot of them will actually order.”

Bali adds that she had to move differently because in South Africa as artists they don’t have money. 

“And there’s also an element where you have to work for six months and then be out of work for like a year and six months, now you on the waiting zone.”

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