‘Die Broer Toer’ coming to kyk

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‘Die Broer Toer’ coming to kykNET this September

Tune in on kykNET for the pilot episode of ‘Die Broer Toer’ with Bennie Fourie and his two brothers this September.

‘Die Broer Toer’ coming to kyk

Photo: Supplied

On Thursday 10 September 21:00 viewers can tune in on kykNET (DStv channel 144) for the pilot episode of Die Broer Toer, with Bennie Fourie and his two brothers.

Time for one more trip

South African actor Bennie Fourie is famous for being funny, but he and his brothers, Reynold and Wilbrie, are also well-known for their legendary road trips. From road tripping in a souped-up Nissan Sani at university to hiking trails with the family – if there’s a road, they’ll take it. Even as the demands of adulthood pull Bennie, Reynold and Wilbrie in opposite directions, they always manage to find time for one more trip.

“We love to tour to remote parts. About once a year we go on an adventure together. Whether its touring Botswana or canoeing on the Orange river – we like alternative types of holidays,” said Bennie.

If there is one thing the three brothers have in common (and it really is only the one thing), it’s not walking away from a challenge. And their next epic journey is sure to test all three because this time around they’re doing things differently. Instead of Reynold and Wilbrie taking the lead, as they usually do, Bennie is responsible for putting the whole trip together, while his brothers will have to accept the challenge of letting go.

Die Broer Toer

The three brothers chose to explore the Tankwa Karoo on motorbikes for the pilot episode of Die Broer Toer. Competition has always been their primary source of entertainment, from the made-up games they played on the smallholding where they grew up to the made-up games at university. Create a game and play it. The winner gets a reward and the loser is penalised. This family tradition is a crucial part of the trip because the road is long and the comfort few. So, when it comes to rewards and penalties, the stakes are sky high.

According to a press release, viewers will instantly like Bennie’s brothers, Reynold and Wilbrie. “Reynold, is by far the nicest person on earth and always game to try something,” Bennie said further “Wilbrie is the naughty one and always the life of the party – if he says we must buy a rubber boat and launch it at sea, we do it, because he won’t leave us alone until we do it.”

The brothers decided to take a trip through the Tankwa for the launch episode so that viewers can see what their adventures are usually like.

“If the launch episode is successful we are planning on tackling an even bigger adventure.”

Tune in Thursday 10 September 21:00 on kykNET (DStv channel 144) for the pilot episode of Die Broer Toer.