Delisile Malinga

‘Umkhokha’ actress Deli Malinga starts a campaign to assist KZN flood victims .Image via Twitter @Kagiso_Mtsenga

Delisile Malinga rises from playing Khapela and Brutus’s wife to a lead role

Malinga has finally scored a lead role, MaMzobe, in Mzansi Magic’s series, Umkhokha, after more than two decades in the industry.

Delisile Malinga

‘Umkhokha’ actress Deli Malinga starts a campaign to assist KZN flood victims .Image via Twitter @Kagiso_Mtsenga

Actress, Delisile Malinga, who is popularly known for playing Khaphela’s wife on Generations and Brutus’s wife on The Queen is living proof that an actor’s TV career begins after 40 years.  

Malinga has finally landed a leading role on Mzansi Magic’s Sunday night thriller, Umkhokha, as MaMzobe after acting in supporting roles for more than two decades.  


Malinga first captured the audience’s attention when she landed the role of Sarah Ngcobo in Generations though her big break in the industry was on a mid-1990s TV show called, The Teen on a Tightrope.  

She has also appeared on many telenovelas such as The Queen, and the now-cancelled, Broken VowsIsibaya and Rhythm City.  

The seasoned actress told Sowetan in an interview that she feels blessed as acting has always been part of her life. 

“I am definitely ready for more big roles like this. I’m really blessed to be part of the current show on Mzansi Magic.”  

She also states that taking her current character was not an easy thing as she must go through MaMzobe, who is different from her.  

“I am a peacemaker and I can’t say that about MaMzobe.”

“Though she is a woman of her own, I believe this role came at a right time.”  

Malinga defines MaMzobe as a master manipulator, who steps on any toes to get what she wants.  

Viewers have developed a love-hate relationship with her in the two weeks that the show has been flighted.   

“She has been trying to get her husband Difa Gumede (Sibonile Ngubane) to take up a leadership role in the church.” 

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Malinga believes that something happened to MaMzobe in the past that provoked her to do what she does and states that MaMzobe needs help.  

The actress promises viewers more drama and warns viewers to expect the unexpected in every episode.  

She also believes that the TV show, Umkhokha will educate the public because it tackles a subject that people can relate to.  

“What is happening on Umkhokha would be like a mirror where people will see themselves and do introspection.”

“The show will encourage people to change their ways before it’s too late.” 

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