Squid Game

Hwang Dog-hyuk confirms that ‘Squid Game’ will return for a season two! Image via Twitter: @Netflix

‘Cruel masterpiece’: Here’s why Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ is a must-watch!

‘Squid Game’ is quickly taking over ‘Bridgerton’ to become the most-streamed series on Netflix and after two weeks has already received a 100% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Squid Game

Hwang Dog-hyuk confirms that ‘Squid Game’ will return for a season two! Image via Twitter: @Netflix

Only two weeks ago, Netflix aired the first season of the South Korean series Squid Game. The nine-episode season one has already received a 100% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes and will soon become the popular streamer’s most-watched series of all time – beating the current record holder, Bridgerton.

Before I knew this I watched it and let’s just say it was an action-packed nail-biting and relatable experience.

‘Squid Game’: A Netflix newcomer that is pulling some serious numbers

The show begins with a grown man played by South Korean actor Lee Jung-jae who is undoubtedly living a troubled life with his mother in a tiny backroom.

From the beginning, the audience feels bad for him as they watch him gamble to make some money to buy his daughter, who is living with her well-off mother and husband, a gift for her birthday.

His luck turns when he meets a strange man who entices him with a game where he wins a decent amount of money and is given the opportunity to participate in the Squid Game.

He then joins 456 other participants who entered the game before knowing that all the losers will be killed leaving one person with a $40 million prize. The games go on leaving viewers shocked as players get killed brutally while playing children’s games.

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‘A cruel masterpiece’: Here’s what viewers have to say

The movie has been described as a “cruel masterpiece” by viewers who anxiously wait to see who will walk away from the games a millionaire while getting a little insight into the lives of the players who each have a sad and desperate story of their own.

Here’s what netizens have to say:

@Sleek_owen said:

“Hahaaa squid game makes the simplest of games deadly af”

@evngstar23 said:

“I am really thankful to Squid game’s director for incorporating Lee Jung Jae’s idea in the series by making gihun feed the cat, signifying how humanly the character was and why the audience should root for him and this truly stood out for me…”

@TKOBlackHeart said:

“I just finished watching Squid Game I will give 9.5/10 it’s very good”

@q_molly_ said:

“I finished watching the Squid Game. I literally can’t explain my emotions. Netflix, thank you for this cruel masterpiece.”

Will there be a season two?

The director of the genius series, Hwang Dong-hyuk, spoke to Variety about the possibility of another season. According to him, he hasn’t ruled out the possibility but finds the idea quite “tiring”.

“I don’t have well-developed plans for Squid Game 2. It is quite tiring just thinking about it,” he said.

“But if I were to do it, I would certainly not do it alone. I’d consider using a writers’ room and would want multiple experienced directors.”

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