‘Scandal’ actress Shoki Mmola as Reverend Prudence Molepo. Image via Twitter @etvScandal

What you should know about Shoki Mmola’s latest role in ‘Scandal!’

Former ‘Skeem Saam’ actress Shoki Mmola who is known as Celia Kunutu plays Reverend Prudence Molepo in ‘Scandal!’ as Vuvu’s mother.


‘Scandal’ actress Shoki Mmola as Reverend Prudence Molepo. Image via Twitter @etvScandal

The talented actress Shoki Mmola, who exited Skeem Saam in 2022 as Celia Kunutu appeared in e.tv’s soapie Scandal! as Vuvu’s mother Reverend Prudence Molepo this week.

Here’s what you should know about Mmola’s latest role! 

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The former Skeem Saam actress Shoki Mmola, who played Celia Kunutu for a decade now plays the wicked role of Vuvu’s (Mamarumo Marokane) mother Reverend Prudence Molepo in Scandal!. 

  • TVSA teases that Mmola’s latest role might not be liked by viewers of the e.tv soapie as she wants to steal her grandchildren from her daughter.
  • “She’s Vuvu’s holier than thou mother who’s so evil she wants to steal Vuvu’s children from her. She feels Vuvu and Nhlamulo are not fit to raise the children and wants to raise them for herself.”
  • She’s judgemental of her daughter’s lifestyle/sexuality as Vuvu had two children out of wedlock with Nhlamulo (Mathews Rantsoma) and recently came out as lesbian.
  • Her daughter revealed in previous episodes that her mother wrote her off when she came out and hence she lived with the Khubekas and is currently living with her baby daddy.
  • It is reported Reverend Molepo isn’t as perfect as she pretends to be as she’s hiding her wrongdoings with the Bible.

Scandal! viewers first saw her on Thursday, 23 February after Vuvu’s children asked to meet up with her. The February TVSA teasers mentioned her for the first time on Friday, 24 February as the teaser reads: Prudence learns of an interesting development in her daughter’s life.”

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Though it is unclear at this state whether the Scandal! actress Shoki Mmola will be returning to the educational soapie Skeem Saam as Celia Kunutu, we can reveal that her on-screen husband Alfred Magongwa (played by Putla Sehlapelo) is ready to move on.

Viewers of the SABC1 soapie witnessed Alfred taking off his wedding band in last week’s episode when he met Sergent Rea Rathebe (Gontse Ntshegang)

Mmola revealed on her social media that she ready to move on, it was time for a change and thanked her fans for supporting her.  

“As I bow out of Skeem Saam, I bow even lower to everyone that has supported my work over the 28 years of industry and 10 years of Skeem Saam. Her to telling more stories.”  

She told Sunday World she just decided to leave the soapie after playing the character for 10 years because she wanted a new challenge.

“It was time for me to venture into new spaces. I started feeling like I was in corporate because I woke up each day to wear the same face of Celia. I wanted to and had to choose something different.”

Mmola landed the role of role Salima in an award-winning play Ruined in August 2022 after her exit from the educational soapie.

“Salima was abducted from her own house while her husband was out on something she had asked him to do. The men did whatever they wanted to do with her in the presence of her child and then killed the baby while she watched.

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