‘Uzalo’ actor Sama Jobe. Image via Facebook @SamaJobe

‘Uzalo’ actor: ‘I woke up with lice in my private parts’

Former ‘Uzalo’ actor Sama Jobe says he had to leave the soapie because he got lice in his private parts everytime he appeared on TV.


‘Uzalo’ actor Sama Jobe. Image via Facebook @SamaJobe

Durban-based actor Sama Jobe says he to walk away from acting in Uzalo because of a curse that left him with lice around his private parts. 

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The 27-year-old actor Sama Jobe, who acted in Uzalo tells Daily Sun that he quit acting because got lice around his private parts when he appeared in the soapie. When he stopped acting, the lice problem stopped.

“My problem started in 2014 when I was 19 years old at the time. One morning, I woke up with lice in my private parts. I knew it was serious, but I didn’t tell anyone.”

Jobe adds that he was scared nobody would believe him and has heard stories of lice in private parts.

“I’d heard bad stories that lice in private parts meant that you have bad sexual habits. But I wasn’t sleeping around and I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want my family to think I was sexually active.”

The actor also says he spent most of his time indoors and he’d lock himself indoors and start killing the lice.

“I’d lock the door and start killing the lice, but that didn’t help. Instead, they multiplied. Soon I developed pimples and they were itchy. When I scratched them, lice would come out”

He eventually told his uncle, who gave him strong muthi to use and he was healed.

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The actor Sama Jobe, who was an extra in the SABC1 soapie Uzalo also tells Daily Sun that he was okay for four years until he landed a role in Uzalo.

“This was in 2018. Everything was fine while I appeared on TV occasionally, but then I started making money out of it, and my acting career was taking off.”

The star says he knew his childhood curse had returned when he woke up one day, and he was full of lice around his private parts.

“I told my agent that I needed to sort myself out and took some time off to try and get rid of them. When I was done I informed them that I was ready to go back to work.”

He says as soon as he appeared on TV, the curse was back again. This happened three times and it’s getting worse.  He decided to quit acting.

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Image via Facebook @SamaJobe

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