‘Scandal!’ Review: Could Mo be Dintle’s long-lost daughter?. Image via Twitter @etvScandal

‘Scandal!’s’ Mo is Dintle’s long-lost daughter

‘Scandal!’s’ Mo fits the perfect description of Dintle Nyathi’s long-lost daughter Motshabi Martins – who she gave up for adoption.


‘Scandal!’ Review: Could Mo be Dintle’s long-lost daughter?. Image via Twitter @etvScandal

There’s something suspicious about Scandal!’s latest character – Mo and her weird obsession with Dintle.   

Fans also noticed that she’s been hiding her identity from Lindiwe and the rest of the housemates when they asked for identification.  

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Scandal! viewers predict that Mo could be DIntle’s long-lost daughter Motshabi Martins – who she gave up for adoption when she fell pregnant in high school.   

Dintle fell pregnant when she was a teenager years ago and gave her baby up for adoption to Erin and Tino Martins.   

She hasn’t been in contact with her daughter who is now half her age and we’d forgotten about her until Mo’s arrival two weeks ago.   

Mo could be her daughter as she reminds us of Dintle (Mapaseka Nyokong) when she was younger … she’s daring, ambitious and dresses provocatively.

Mo has been obsessed with meeting Dintle since her arrival and was extremely disappointed when she couldn’t give her the time of day in last night’s (10 May) episode.   

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The TVSA May teasers reveal that Dintle will not be pleased when she arrives at her workplace this Friday (13 May).  

The Friday 13 May teaser reads:  

“Dintle is irked when a groupie shows up again at her workplace.”   

The teasers also suggest that Dintle will hide from the truth when she learns the truth and will contact her foster parents when the truth comes out.  

The Thursday 19 May teaser reads:  

“A girl finally has her say causing a woman to flee and shocking others with a revelation.”   

The Friday 20 May teaser reads:  

“Dintle’s forced to make an uncomfortable call.”   

Dintle fell pregnant with Kabza’s daughter Motshabi and gave her up for adoptiong in 2013. She is 31-years-old now and her daughter is 16-years as she celebrated her 24th birthday in 2015 when she was married to Mangi Nyathi.   

THE BIG QUESTION: How is Motshabi fluent in Sesotho when her parents Tino (Clint Brink) and Erin (Lorcia Cooper) spoke Afrikaans and English only.   

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