‘Scandal!’ April Spoilers: Hlengiwe kicks Dr Nyasha to the curb. Image via Twitter @etvScandal

‘Scandal!’ Review: The real reason Hlengiwe will dump Amo for Dr Nyasha

‘Scandal!’ Hlengiwe will break up with Amo because she has fallen in love with Dr Nyasha. Her colleague Dintle loves her boyfriend – Amo.


‘Scandal!’ April Spoilers: Hlengiwe kicks Dr Nyasha to the curb. Image via Twitter @etvScandal

Scandal!’s Hlengiwe has revealed to Dintle that she has fallen in love with Dr Nyasha and doesn’t love Amo anymore.

Fans are also rooting for Amo and Dintle to get back together now that she found out about Hlengiwe’s affair.   

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Fans of’s most-watched soapie- Scandal! are applauding Hlengiwe for cheating on Amo with Dr Nyasha because he cheated on her with Dintle.   

Hlengiwe (Nqobile Khumalo) will break up with her boyfriend because she doesn’t want to hide her feelings for Dr Nyasha anymore.  

Hlengiwe and her side guy have more in common than she and Amo just like he has more in common with Dintle.    

She seems happier and more at home with Dr Nyasha (Jerome Galiao) than she does with her boyfriend.  

her boyfriend doesn’t understand her personality and is not as intelligent as she is.    

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Amo (Kagiso Rathebe) and Dintle have a lot more in common… they’re both bubbly and love drama.   

Fans also remember that Amo appeared happier when he was with Dintle than when he was with his girlfriend – Hlengiwe.  

Fans are expecting more drama in the Scandal office now that Dintle found out that Hlengiwe is cheating on Amo.   

Dintle (Mapaseka Koetle-Nyokong) has never stopped loving Amo and will be thrilled when she finally dumps him.   

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“This is so embarrassing to watch to think that she broke up with Quinton because of self-respect now she’s here? Unbelievable.”


“#TeamNyasha, Amo can rekindle the flame with Dintle.” 


“Yes, they make a good match Amo and Dintle.” 


“Two wrongs don’t make one right, I held her in high esteem, she had so much self-respect. Now, this?” 


“It’s done, she trying but she is so bored they are not aligned.”  


“I want to say #TeamAmo but eish Hlengi looks good with Nyasha.”

“He has in common with her so #TeamNyasha for me.”  


“I am #TeamNyasha.”

“Whatever they had with Amo went cold but she should tell him because this is not who she is.”

“I still like it though.”