‘Scandal! actors Fundiswa Ngcobo as Winnie and Melusi Mbele as Jojo. Image via Facebook @MzansiWatch

‘Muthi magic’: ‘Scandal!’ fans react to Jojo and Winnie’s fling

‘Scandal!’ viewers are thrilled that Winnie backstabbed her sister Mbali and used her own muthi to win Jojo over.


‘Scandal! actors Fundiswa Ngcobo as Winnie and Melusi Mbele as Jojo. Image via Facebook @MzansiWatch

The Hlatshwayo sisters Winnie and Mbali surprised Scandal! viewers last week when they used muthi to force Jojo to love one of them.  

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Image via Facebook @MzansiWatch

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Though this week’s promo teaser shows that Winnie’s muthi might work on Jojo and he will reject Mbali (Nolwazi Ngubeni). The TVSA Scandal! December teasers reveal that Jojo’s (Melusi Mbele) mind will start playing tricks on him and he will be tempted by the forbidden fruit)

The Tuesday 13 December teaser reads:  

“Jojo’s mind starts playing tricks on him as dream and reality start to blur.”  

The Wednesday 14 December teaser reveals:  

“Jojo is tempted by forbidden fruit and Mbali is given false hope.”  

Jojo’s estranged wife Mbali visited a traditional healer, who gave her some concoctions to pour into Jojo’s food. She asked her sister Winnie (Fundiswa Ngcobo) to put the muthi in his food but she Instead added her hair to the muthi so she can fall in love with her.   

Image via Facebook @MzansiWatch

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“Winnie make sure you get pregnant again and with twins this time so that you have a hold on in the house and his live.”  


“JoJo is dreaming….the teasers say he will start losing his grip on reality.”  


“Happy for Winnie she deserves him she has a big heart only that her sister always manipulates her.”  


“Jojo as a businessman needs a wife like Mbali by his side. She’s fearless strong and brilliant not lesdwedwe sika thabang.”  


“Dream ya Winnie will discuss it later. Let’s talk about Didi’s parents being worried.”  


“What winni does to her sister it will back fire her cz this will end in tears cz umbali akayona indaba yokudlala. I’m feeling sorry for you Bawinile.”  


“I like this to all ladies who never accept and let it go and move on ur the source of broken marriage lets gather here.”  


“It will definitely end in tears, the juju will expire.” 

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