Why ‘DiepCity’s’ Mgedeza could be Nox’s biological father?. Images via Twitter @MzansiMagic

Why ‘DiepCity’s’ Mgedeza could be Nox’s biological father

‘DiepCity’ viewers are questioning MaShenge’s sudden change of heart about Mgedeza after her daughter – Nox shot him.


Why ‘DiepCity’s’ Mgedeza could be Nox’s biological father?. Images via Twitter @MzansiMagic

The season one finale of Mzansi Magic’s telenovela DiepCity on Friday (1 April) ended with a shocking twist that left viewers wondering if Diepsloot’s villain – Mgedeza could be Nox’s father and MaShenge’s former lover.   

While some viewers concluded that there’s a possibility that Mgedeza (Mduduzi Mabaso) could be her father, others rubbished this theory because he’s is infertile.   

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DiepCity’s Nox shot Mgedeza after she saw a video of him beating up MaShenge’s (Dawn Thandeka King) husband…her stepfather.  

MaShenge was also out looking for Mgedeza when he got shot by her daughter.   

Her youngest daughter showed her the video and she stormed out of the house to seek justice for her husband.   

But she surprised viewers and changed her tune when she saw a bruised Mgedeza lying on the floor and started comforting him.  

The way she held him made viewers think that the pair might have some history.   

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MaShenge has never revealed her oldest daughter’s (Nox) father’s identity.

We only know she hated him and still hates him for abandoning her when Nox (Nozuko Ncayiyane) was still a baby.

She also revealed in previous episodes that she hates her daughter because she’s reminded of him every time she looks at her.

The truth would destroy Nox, her husband, and ruin her reputation in the community because Mgedeza is one of the most ruthless villains in Diepsloot.

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How could Nox be his daughter when his wife – Maureen (Vele Manenje) revealed that he’s infertile?

Why was MaShenge acting as if she cares about Mgedeza in the last scene when she swore she hated him for what he did to her husband?

Why did Mgedeza tell Bonga (MaShenge’s husband) that Nox is a daughter to him and that he practically raised her?

Why is MaShenge still hiding Nox’s father’s identity even after she informed her that Bonga is not her biological father?

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