‘The River’ April Spoilers: Mnqobi disappears and Lindiwe faces Zweli Image via Twitter @TshedzaPictures

‘The River’ Review: Lindiwe is emotionally cheating on Zweli with Mnqobi

Viewers of ‘The River’ want Lindiwe to have an affair with Mnqobi and cheat on Zweli – who’s cheated on her with several women.


‘The River’ April Spoilers: Mnqobi disappears and Lindiwe faces Zweli Image via Twitter @TshedzaPictures

Fans of The River can’t wait for Lindiwe to cheat on Zweli with Mnqobi (her new partner at the mine.)  

This is because Zweli has cheated on Lindiwe with multiple women while Lindiwe was faithful.  

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Fezile Makhanya’s character Mnqobi Luthuli will rock Lindiwe and Zweli Dikana’s marriage in The River season five.  

  • Mnqobi has kept Lindiwe away from her family and her husband and viewers are thrilled at the idea of Zweli getting hurt and getting what he deserves.  
  • Zweli (Hlomla Dandala) cheated on Lindiwe with Gail in season two, then filed for divorce and married her.  
  • He also cheated on Lindiwe with Nyakallo in season four and took her as his second wife.   
  • Both Zweli’s wives and his other mistresses were killed by Lindiwe (Sindi Dlathu) in previous seasons.  
  • Viewers are seeing a new side of Lindiwe that they’ve never seen before with Mnqobi and they love it.   
  • She’s more carefree with Mnqobi than she’s ever been with her husband.   
  • She’s emotionally cheating on her husband and has been flirting with Mnqobi since he came to The River.   

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Lindiwe deserves better than Zweli because she’s been faithful to him since they’ve been married.  

Mnqobi is Lindiwe’s match because they have more in common interests.   


“Look at this picture. Zweli o shapa Mnqobi 10-0.”

“This guy doesn’t come close to Zweli shem.”

“His overconfidence and arrogance is what’s putting him ahead.”

“Otherwise zero threat.”


“Mnqhobi is full of himself.”

“Apparently the husband’s “finds me intimidating.”  


“Mnqobi and Lindiwe look like they’re about to walk the red carpet.”  

“Lindiwe has always dressed nicely neh, mare now that Mnqobi is here?”

“Yoh, moghel’s outfits are fire! She’s even showing some skin more often.”  


“Mnqobi is revealing the things that make Lindiwe love to do more and more…”

“I hope these things won’t make her compare Zweli and him kurough.” 

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