prison journalism

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Prison journalism: Free Mind…

Jeffrey Shockley is a writer serving a life sentence in the State Correctional Institution-Fayette in Pennsylvania.

prison journalism

Prison Image: Unsplash

Is it possible to excel beyond the confines we have found ourselves in?
Your life is a promise of adventure which you alone can fulfill…
Can we rise above the stuff we may have fallen prey to?
Through situational conditioning resembling everything the news views,
As distorted thinking while inking just another name lost,
Across the headlines more people fearing to see?
Other people can believe in you, but ultimately,
You must believe in yourself… 
How many years must it take on before we awake on,
The other side of of thinking negatively? 
Others can make suggestions, 
But you must make the commitment,
About your own actions that create distractions Too ashamed to face… 
Others can encourage and support you,
But you must take Your own steps forward.
If I close my eyes and free my mind,
Will the disguises hide that fear of uncertainty,
Evident by the back and forth… 
Into this hell I have placed myself in, 
A time or two more occasions than judges love to see?
Only in making proper choices, and taking risks,
For yourself will you know the rewards, 
of giving shape to your own life… 
And making your own dreams come true.
The hardened criminal tag now placed upon me,
Now some say I will never again be free, but freedom comes,
For some in this time behind the bars and scars,
Discarded by precision decisions and elections of mind,
To be the best today That We have always been able to be,
If it were possible to see, believe beyond… 
The yesterday that had some bound down to the underground
Of self-doubt without a hope for any thing… 
Better than the failure no one hopes to become.
We desire to aspire to prove others wrong,
In their strong opinions of where We will never be,
All that we will never be… 
I choose to no longer allow others, 
Or “them” to have such a hold on me,
And set myself free to exist in this, 
A Free Mind combined with knowing That I know,
That I know My God loves me just as I am.,
It is He who made me and He alone,
Gave me the ability to be Free in Him…
Mind, Body and Soul. 

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The article was facilitated by Erin Parish from the Human Kindness Foundation (HKF).

The Human Kindness Foundation’s mission is to encourage more kindness in the world beginning with people in our prisons and jails.

HKF has published several books including: We’re All Doing Time, Lineage and Other Stories, Deep and Simple, and Just Another Spiritual Book and provide these books for free to people currently serving time in prisons or jails.

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