Siphiwe Mtshali

Siphiwe Mtshali is making a transition from acting to music. Image via Facebook Siphiwe Mtshali

From star actor to budding musician: Siphiwe Mtshali transitions to music

‘I’ve been recording music for the past six years’: Former ‘Jam Alley’ presenter Siphiwe Mtshali is making a bold transition to music.

Siphiwe Mtshali

Siphiwe Mtshali is making a transition from acting to music. Image via Facebook Siphiwe Mtshali

Veteran actor Siphiwe Mtshali is the latest actor to transition into music. After several years on some of South Africa’s biggest soapies, he is ready to make his mark in the music industry. He mentioned that he has been recording music for six years now and 2022 might be the year he shares his musical talents with the world. 

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Siphiwe Mtshali first hit the South African entertainment radar when he hosted SABC 1’s popular television shows YOTV and Jam Alley. He has been on some of South Africa’s most popular soapies including Generations, and Rhythm City.

He left BET’s Isono earlier this year and told TshisaLive that it’s been quite rough since exiting the show. 

“I decided to create work through the production company that I own.”

“I’ve been in the game for 27 years but because people still see me as that young YO TV boy I don’t think they put me and in the legend box yet, so I need to do more.”


Siphiwe Mtshali is gearing up to release music for the first time, mentioning that he’s wanted to venture into music since presenting the electrifying Jam Alley.

“I’ve been recording music for the past six years I just haven’t been releasing it. Maybe in 2022, I’ll start releasing some stuff.”

“Every time I’ve wanted to get into a project something else comes, but we’ll see what next year holds.”

The 40-year-old actor is yet to reveal more information about his music debut but if his acting is anything to go by, it’ll be quite exceptional!

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Mtshali and his wife Charmaine currently run a production company called Izigi Media and Entertainment. Speaking to Drum earlier this month, he shared that they were working on a show titled Vanishing Cultures

Mtshali works as a producer while Charmaine is the director of the production company. 

“We did Vanishing Cultures which dealt with topics like polyandry – where a woman has more than one husband, as well as polygamy and being a gay man in South Africa.”

The show was quite successful for Izigi Media and Entertainment.