R Kelly album

R Kelly released surprise album behind bars. Image: Twitter @aperezTribune

R Kelly surprise album removed from streaming services

Sony Music’s Legacy Recording which was credited on the album denies any involvement in R Kelly’s I Admit it album.

R Kelly album

R Kelly released surprise album behind bars. Image: Twitter @aperezTribune

R Kelly’s 14-track album, I Admit it, that was released on 9 December, has been pulled from both Spotify and Apple Music As reported by Billboard.

The album credits Sony Music’s Legacy Recordings as the label responsible for the release but the label denies any involvement in the project and are inquiring with major streamers on how the album was delivered to them.

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According to Billboard, it turns out the album was released by Universal Music Group-owned distributor Ingrooves whom were also shocked by the release and requested that the album be removed from streaming services. 


Ingrooves is ending their relationship with the label Real Talk Entertainment which allegedly released the album on a sub-label called Legacy Recordings — the same name as Sony’s imprint, and is currently investigating what went wrong internally. 

Kelly’s album addresses the years of allegations leveled against him on a three-part piece, titled I Admit It (I Did It). He released the album’s 19-minute title track on SoundCloud. This is the first time the singer released a track on Spotify and Apple as three separate songs, each titled I Admit It (I Did It).


The Trapped In The Closet who singer is currently serving a 30-year prison sentence, unloads a lot of stuff he did in the past. He does not refer to anyone specific, but based on the lyrics, one can assume he is addressing the allegations made against him on the lifetime documentary Surviving R Kelly

On the track, Kelly admits to sleeping with his fans and the friends of his former girlfriend  Azriel Clary. Furthermore, the singer references the allegations of kidnapping as delusional, and he blames the parents of his female flings for introducing them. 

Kelly was convicted of racketeering and sex trafficking charges in a New York trial last June. In September, he was convicted of several child pornography charges.